Useful tips on how to charm a man

Every girl wants to meet in your life her man - very brave, strong and true.And, of course, in order to charm his chosen, each of us wants to be the most charming and seductive.

order to captivate a man, the one that will be your companion for life, you have to be always fully prepared.After all, love can come unexpectedly.Every day you are dealing with men at work, supermarkets and banks, transportation.You make new friends in restaurants, cafes, at parties or even on the Internet.And your fate can appear anywhere when you're not going to wait for this.Watch and look after yourself, you should always look perfect.Your appearance - it is an important weapon.

If you meet and want to enchant a man, do not forget to take advantage of uncomplicated advice.Firstly, when you are asked to phone number, take his number, too.Why do you sit by the phone and wait for hours, and when he calls, if you yourself can dial his number and ask how things were going.But in any case, do not assign a date to the man,

let him do it himself.

If you do not know how to charm a man, you start by selecting the clothing.Your wardrobe should always be a little black dress, which will help in any situation.On the first date behave naturally and easily.During the conversation, try to find some common themes, so it will be interesting to talk to your companion and, in addition, it bring you closer.

In no case do not Focus on her appearance, constantly glancing in the mirror and pripudrivaya nose.Be feminine.The conversation is very important your vote.After all, with it you can easily captivate the person who you like.Start with the tone, which is sometimes more important than the meaning of the conversation.Before you start a conversation, remember that you are sexy, and tune in to this wave.You will immediately notice how to change your voice, your tone.

The voice is very important in deciding how to charm a man.Mentally imagine that you and your men were in bed, it will add your voice to the eroticism, the sound is automatically reduced.Try to breathe in rhythm with his interlocutor, control your breathing.Let your conversation will be interesting to speak calmly and slowly.Your dialogue should not in any case become a monologue.Ask questions of your interlocutor.Let your man to talk about himself.Try to listen to his story about himself.

If the man you hints on the first date, what to pay for dinner at a restaurant you have to do, then, he shows that in the future does not intend to meet you.Eliminate it from your list of contenders for the relationship with you.This man always pays itself.If

front of you is still the question of how to captivate a man, try to find out what his zodiac sign.After all, a lot can be learned about a person by the constellations of the zodiac.For starters, you have correspondence will know what his character.It is also compatible sexually by zodiac, it will also be for you without interest.Although, of course, do not go to extremes.If suddenly something you do not like the description of a sign, it is not a reason to break off relations with a man.After all, everyone - individual, and all the descriptions of the signs - it's just a pattern.If your companion - a virgin, use interesting and original tips on how to charm a man-Virgin.

First, start with the fact that men are born of the Virgin in the period from 23 August to 22 September.Remember that this man will never make the first move himself.He was not acquainted with the girls in a cafe or at parties in clubs.Most often his companions are work colleagues or a girl, with whom he was introduced friends.Being late for a date, such a man as a sign of disorganization and insecurity, so try to come to the meeting on time, without delay.Choosing between a beautiful and smart girl, he will opt for the latter.He was comfortable with an interesting conversationalist who will share his opinion on various issues.To conquer such a man can be impeccable manners.

Virgo is always looking for perfection in your partner, so very often he seeks his ideal life.In order to win such a man, you should try to be perfect.At least for a while, until you flatter yourself.Being with him in the bedroom, put on something beautiful and seductive, but not overt.Let this be a little long shirt shines.In humans, going with him to a restaurant or a club, you have to be dressed like a lady.

If you invite her lover, the Virgin to her home, then take care of the interior.Here, everything must be perfect and pure.In the room everything should be in place.The more books in your home, the more respect you will invoke from his men.In the kitchen everything must be clean.

And, of course, take care of a delicious dinner.Man Deva always does everything right, it applies to food.A man prefers meat fish or vegetables.In extreme cases, it may eat prey.Make some delicious vegetable salad, and his delight dish of soy.This man loves Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

As representatives of this sign give sex too much attention, then you will have to dream and experiment with caution to introduce new ways of lovemaking.Although this man completely armed with theoretical knowledge in this field, it is you have to make all your desires, their guess he will not.Be sensitive and careful, then you will always be able to find a solution how to charm a man, your life together will be rich and very interesting.