How to choose a winter jacket Fred Perry?

winter jacket must first be warm.And for this, primarily meets its heat insulation.As a filler for the jacket can be used a variety of materials, so before buying it is desirable to get acquainted with the composition of the filler, after weighing all its pros and cons.Most often in jackets Fred Perry are two heater.

first - is feathers.Classic old heater with its own characteristics.The ratio may also vary, but is most often used a composition: 80% down and 20% feathers.Pooh, as with any filler, has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of this insulation include light weight.At the same time it is quite voluminous, so some may look down jackets too cumbersome.Another plus filler - it is warm.It is a fact, not invented yet warmer clothing for the severe frosts than down winter jackets for men .However, and fluff has its disadvantages.

down jacket quite expensive.In addition, the fluff tends to run off in the same place, but this disadvantage is usually easily prevented by the manufacturer

: jacket stitching.Quilting patterns can be very different from the strips to the lozenges.The smaller the pattern, the more practical down jacket, because in large parts of the quilting after washing fluff will stray clot in one side.It takes a lot of effort to break up the lumps and bring a jacket in a suitable condition.In addition, where a thread quilted down jacket, often it feels cool, because there is no insulation.

second popular insulation - sintepon.Just do not confuse it with hollofayber, it's not the same thing.Hollofayber as fluff, straying into lumps after washing, which is not the case with smooth synthetic padding.Plus syntepon is its price.But what's the catch?The fact that sintepon people do not really trust, it seems that he loses fluff on the heat, but it is not.The main supplier of heat jackets associated with slow circulation of air in the vehicle, where the heat is retained due to the special structure of the material.This sintepon not break in one place and, therefore, does not suffer and insulation jacket.It is more affordable and practical insulation compared to down.

How else can select winter jacket Fred Perry ?Additional protection from the cold will give itself a style, so if you want to maximize warm jacket, choose a model with a lengthened windproof strip covering the zipper, with hood and fur trim, with inner cuffs and high collar.