The symbol of courage - a tattoo on the man's shoulder

Since ancient times, men shoulder adorned with tattoos, which served as a kind of passport.They pointed to a soldier belonging to a particular tribe.And with the help of the figure expressed the status of the owner.It was visible to everyone, and therefore an idea could be considered superfluous in those unsociable times.

Why male tattoo on his shoulder?

Drawing on his shoulder can serve as a decoration and emphasize the muscles of hands of its owner, and may bear some meaning.Standard male figure considered to be black and white, and colored tattoos often cause young people.For them this is a way to express themselves and to stand out from the crowd.Male tattoo on his shoulder has many advantages.It is not only women like to treat your jewelry.Men are also not averse to enjoy the picture, who painted their body and gives it even more attractive in the eyes and the riddle of the fairer sex.Tattoo on her shoulder man's sketches which you can bring with you in the cabin or choose may perform so that

they are started on one hand, and ends at the second.Very often, men make love on the shoulder image devoted lover - be it her way, and her name.Quite an unusual sign of attention, but very romantic.And drawing on the shoulder free to see everything around, because personal intimacy is not there.

Men tattoo on his shoulder: the value

Most often strong half of humanity chooses for drawing pictures on his shoulder, which symbolize their belonging to a subculture or showing the nature of its owner.These may be signs, hieroglyphs or Celtic patterns.The value of such images sometimes understandable only to the owner, but the raid mystery hovers around him always.If the tattoo on the man's shoulder, a photo of which can be found in catalogs, depict some animal, it is a clear sign that the man seeks to develop the quality of any.So, for example, an eagle - a king of birds.The owner of a tattoo with his picture every effort is made to reinforce such qualities as strength, courage and nobility.A picture of this magnificent bird with a leopard head, is believed to bring its owner power and authority.Celtic patterns on the shoulder can act as a simple decoration.Yet it is believed that this pattern carries a powerful energy that conveys to its owner.Japanese and Chinese characters can rightly be considered the most popular figures on the shoulder.Often choose the symbols that represent love, strength, loyalty, happiness, courage and success.But men rarely limited to a tattoo on his shoulder.Drawing can be continued, and to occupy the whole hand, but that's another topic.

Well, as you can see, the male has a tattoo on his shoulder deep subtext, though from the time when she was a symbol of a warrior, little has changed.Men - always a strong, courageous and brave soldiers, and a tattoo - a way to show it around and get to think about whether or not to cheat with her owner.