Amazingly beautiful tattoo "swallow"

said that the owners of tattoos can change your destiny.It became known only recently, when the experts have come to the conclusion that the image can bring both positive and negative energy to its owner.It therefore began to recommend to learn more about the meaning of the figure of the future, to protect themselves from its negative impact.In our today's article we will talk about what the tattoo means "swallow", which has become very popular these days.But how to understand the meaning of any figure is impossible without the knowledge of its origin, we turn to history, which will help to find an answer to our questions about the tattoo.

meaning of this figure goes back to ancient times and is associated primarily with sailors.The reason that they often get a tattoo in the form of this bird is nesting place of birds - the land.Long voyage without a compass were very dangerous, ships are often lost in the infinite body of water.The emergence of swallows meant for sailors approaching the earth.This, a

s you know, meant the successful completion of the dangerous voyage.That is why the tattoo "swallow" was very popular with sailors, who did it in memory of his own home and family, going on a long voyage.

Gradually, the tattoo has become even more popular.She began to make not only the sailors but also travelers.However, the true essence of the tattoo remains the same - it meant the longing for his own home and family, who stayed away from the man.In addition, the tattoo "swallow" means love, luck, escape from the troubles, success, freedom, speed and luck.To fill this kind of image can be absolutely anywhere, but most often it is decorated with shoulder, back or side.Sailors often stuffed with a variety of drawings is on your shoulders, so that all can see the surrounding image.When they went to the bank, this is the tattoo to distinguish them from the locals and served as a sign of recognition, speaking of that man very much sailed.In addition, tattoo "swallow" jammed by those who survived the shipwreck and managed to survive.It was a symbol that the person remained alive thanks to God and the happy coincidence.That is why almost all the sailors could see a tattoo as a kind of talisman.

Different people has its own interpretation of the drawing swallow.Thus, the ancient Romans and Greeks associated the bird with the goddess Aphrodite, the Egyptians - with Isis.In China and Japan, this kind of general is considered sacred and is the awakening of a new life, prosperity.Christians, too, embody this little bird with a symbol of resurrection and prosperity.

Making sure that your tattoo "swallow" will have only a positive impact, we can safely go to the salon.You can bring your own sketch or, depending on the wishes, in the salon to select liked the photo.Tattoo "swallow" may have several options from which the wizard will choose the most suitable design and location of the application.