As home to pierce the ears - tips and tricks

lot of thinking about how to pierce the ear or not, still very young.After all, every girl wants to be beautiful, but they are taking examples from a variety of beauty and fashion magazines just for adults.A rare woman does without jewelry, earrings and jewelery in the list is occupied by no means the last place.

ear piercing is not that expensive procedure, but many are wondering, "How in the home to pierce ears?"Sometimes, the decision caused a reluctance to attend any salons and even a little money to pay for the fact that, in principle, can be done by yourself.Many people do not trust the various salon workers, and they make the operation safer home.About how at home to pierce ears, there is a lot of information.There are opponents of this procedure at home and those who fully supports this approach.Sometimes even "teaching" how at home to pierce ears, passed on from generation to generation.In this case, this procedure is more secure than when this business came from a friend, never before in suc

h things not engaged.

So, when you've not yet decided to seek the help of the salon, let's find out how at home to pierce ears.For this you need a needle and earrings (or to kill two birds at once, an earring with a pointed end), and alcohol (for external disinfection).We need to process alcohol the ear on both sides, as well as needle and earring in one motion to pierce the ear and immediately insert to decoration (by the way, it is better to use products made of precious metals or medical alloy).It is important to obtain a clean puncture, that you have not experienced discomfort in the future.Therefore it is better if the procedure will be carried out not you personally, but someone else.

If you are afraid of pain, people experienced advised before you collect pierce ears at home, spend the following procedure: Clean a small potato and put it in the fridge, and then, when it freezes, remove it, cut into two halvesand attach them to both sides of the earlobe.When it is numb, remove the potatoes and you can start the procedure.By the way, the thickness of the needle should not be too small, so that in future no problems with threading earrings.

As for the second and subsequent holes, then make them at home is not advised.Like, there's a lot of different hot-spots, and cartilage do not puncture quite so easy and painless.But if you do not stop, no warning, the scheme puncture all the same: a needle, earring and alcohol.

If you are concerned about "when it is possible ears pierced", the answer is not quite clear.Basically, to pierce his ear at any age, but some schtayut that the older the person, the more dangerous it can be such a procedure.But too soon, some are not advised to pierce the ears of a child.After all, who knows, maybe he did not want to be decorated in such a way, and it is unlikely in this case, thank you for that.So both you and your child are free to decide when to adorn themselves "ear jewelry."