The biggest mouth in the world as "Zaporozhets" is not tuning, BMW never will!

What just not able to we women in the manic pursuit of attractive and seductive looks.Lose weight by 5 sizes - difficult, but possible!Whiten your teeth to a dazzling white - will do, and no matter what we then treat them much more often.Remove a couple of ribs for a slim waist - no problem, probably a knife and anesthesia!Enlarge lips to be tempting - always ready!Perhaps the biggest mouth in the world and are not needed, but the plump and sexy would be very helpful.Lip augmentation has recently become a rampant epidemic, if not pandemic.An incredible number of girls under the slogan: "Give us the biggest mouth in the world!" Resolutely directed to beauty salons, experts voluntarily giving fabulous sums.The standard of beauty for most has become a film star Angelina Jolie.All the girls and the girls dream to have the same seductive mouth.Women want to be attractive, they want to please her man, and others, strangers and passers-by.

Beauty outside - a reflection of inner beauty

maniacal desire albeit to a distorted self-some call a form of mental illness directly related to an extremely low self-esteem.Or maybe just the fact that women are more socially oriented and dependent on the opinion, the standards and conventions of the environment.That was accepted in China and Japan to cripple the foot of the fact that women were considered beautiful with the small size of his feet, as all as one bandaged toes, mutilating themselves, but the corresponding general ideas.And in our midst in demand and desired women with plump lips and alluring large breast size, and therefore fall under the knife beauty, deprived of nature.Here are just a few statistics annoying.As it was found among women who resort to plastic surgery, the number of suicides is three times higher than among those who did not get to it.Yes, and professional help to psychiatrists and psychologists, they are turning more often.Apparently, obtained by artificial means "beauty" of their psychological problems does not solve, the inner world does not change from zakompleksovannosti does not relieve.Long legs, hair, manicured nails, big breasts and even the biggest mouth in the world will not be perfect, if their owner is not inner beauty.Unfortunately, not all representatives of the charming half of mankind understand it.In an effort to whatever was to be beautiful, they forget about home improvement and turn into puppets.And it is a bitter truth of life, anyway.Many, creating a perfect image do not remember about their internal content.

owner of the biggest mouth in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records

100 survived the injection of silicone, having spent a considerable sum, a resident of St. Petersburg Christina Ray became the happy owner of the biggest mouth in the world.She motivates her "hobby" the desire to be like your favorite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from the wife of Roger Rabbit.After making the first injection at 17 to 22 years she received the coveted result, but it seems to stop there is not going to.Now she is the owner of the title "The biggest mouth" in Russia and in the world.No sane and reasonable explanation for its experiments.Christine has the biggest mouth of the world, pictures of her, frankly, shocking and not cause envy than admiration.Woman becomes genuinely sorry.Shock the audience - a difficult exercise, and even amusing, but why do so over a mock?But who are we to judge anyone?If this is what it lacks when the biggest mouth in the world makes her happy, then let her be happy.