All you need to know about tattoo Eye arrows on the eyelids

Today there are a large number of different cosmetic procedures that are intended to hide some of the shortcomings of your appearance and at the same time transform them into advantages.Let's talk about the tattoo eye (arrows - as it is called in professional circles).The history of such an element of make-up as an arrow goes into the distant past.Throughout the history of ladies of each age have resorted to the use of arrows.Only from time to time fashion changed their shape.Also today, in an age of advanced technology and the most advanced tools, tattoo eye (arrows, which can remain for a long period of time on the eyelids) is very popular.

most common form of tattoo eye

Before giving your consent to this kind of procedure, you must decide on the form that is best for your specific type of person.You can find a large number of variants of this procedure as a tattoo eye "arrow", photos which will help you make the right choice.The most common are the arrows traced from the middle of the century t

o outer corner of it.Another option is the line drawn entirely from the inner to the outer century.Do not forget about the arrows, in the style of the East, which implies a wide filling.By the choice of the form must be approached with great responsibility, because the tattoo eye "arrows" can give such a strong effect that completely change your appearance.In this case, it is important to consider the shape of your face and your own eyes.For example, large eyes perfectly complement a broad arrow, while narrow as the best option may be called as soon as possible a thin line.With regard to the conduct of the tattoo, it is worth noting that it can be as filling mezhresnichnogo space and simply drawing arrows.It can be performed both on the upper eyelid and the lower.Doing make-up using a variety of cosmetic products, such as a pencil or a special eyeliner, you get a result that is usually cleared within a short time.

Benefits tattoo eye

Deciding to make a tattoo eye "arrow", the result you get beautiful bright eyes, producing the effect of the painted constantly.This, in turn, will help to save time, which is necessary in order to apply makeup every day.That is why, having studied how to make the tattoo eye "arrow", reviews of carrying out such procedures, you will find a lot of positive information.Thus, the benefit of this cosmetic manipulation said sufficiently large number of factors.For example, you'll spend less time in the makeup and applying permanent arrows will keep the bright image for a long time.In addition, this cosmetic procedure is able at will to make visually larger or smaller than your eyes, which will also help to change your appearance.