Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani): biography, photos and history of the brand

history creates an unusual people.This legendary personality, outstanding, hard-working and motivated.That is the Giorgio Armani brand is recognized as one of the most successful in the world.Under this name produced a variety of products that enjoy a terrific demand.And while the cost of production, in particular fragrance "Acqua di Gio" Giorgio Armani low can not be called an army of fans with the great couturiers from year to year only increases.It is not just necessary for human products, it is a symbol of luxury and impeccable quality, is what emphasizes the high status of the person and shows his excellent taste.

Giorgio Armani: A Biography and Star Trek

In the nineties of the last century brainchild of designer considered the most profitable fashion house in Italy.The annual turnover of the company amounted to nothing less - eight hundred and fifty million US dollars.But how was the way to success, overcoming Giorgio Armani?A person with such a name was born in 1934 in the town of Piacenza,

in a rather poor family.Living conditions were very bad, but financial difficulties - a very habitual in their lives.First, he wanted to connect his life to medicine, because the medical profession promise respect and a good income.But then still he took documents from the University of Milan, as even before the second year the young man could not get used to the sight of blood, and how to do an autopsy and did not out of the question.Then there was the army that had taught him to be resilient and disciplined.Before the release of the debut collection in 1974, he tried many professions and gained experience in many companies.But from the first days of its existence the company Giorgio Armani drew the attention of a demanding public.And discover the right people acquired during the search of himself and his own place in the sun, contributed to the success.

Innovation great couturier

Before the creation of Giorgio Armani "Acqua di Gio" a brilliant master gave the world many innovative ideas.For example, it occurred to him to change the style of the classic suit, combining different fabrics, textures, and things that are considered non-traditional, dress women in colored clothes soft cut.With his light hand fashionistas all over the world began to wear jeans or leather pants with a tweed jacket.And he has attached to the young generation of high fashion, creating a collection of budget category.

Features style of Giorgio Armani

interesting fact is that up to forty years was considered the maestro loser.Having changed a lot of jobs, he ventured to start his own business.As it turned out, it is not in vain.First, the designer has created a collection for men, and then, inspired by the success, he developed a line for women.Particular attention he paid to the classics, which remains outside the temporal trends.Yet it is worth noting that even the classics by Armani correspond to changes in society.Production of the great Italian - it's always a new twist with some, irresistible.

Long before the collections of Giorgio Armani "Acqua di Gio" designer developed the basic postulates of his concept.All of his work has demonstrated the practicality, keeping the elegant appearance.Its products - it's quality stuff with elaborate design, made of expensive fabrics.Fascinated by his work, Armani refuses to follow well-established standards and trends, but on the contrary, seeks to create them.No one would doubt that he turns it turns very well.

Products Armani

production capacity of thirteen plants working almost five thousand people.Legendary Fashion House today released a lot of things.This is an amazing and very stylish wear shoes that love Hollywood style icons such as Penelope Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro.And under this brand you can buy a watch, haberdashery, jewelry, sunglasses, sports goods and home.And yet - a delicious perfume, which is completely crazy all.

Women fragrances from the maestro

All perfumes by Giorgio Armani, "Acqua di Gio" including concern L'Oreal issued under the contract.And if, in addition to the legendary designer's help to become a star, even the most ordinary girl, it is the fragrance gives the image of perfection.

Acqua di Gio - a true masterpiece of the maestro, who is recognized as one of the most successful.Fresh floral-oceanic plume simultaneously sensual and relaxing.Opening a bottle of the most valuable liquid inside, you will feel the base notes of sandalwood and musk, complemented by a bouquet of roses, hyacinth, jasmine, lily, and more - the flavor of ripe and juicy pear and melon.This women's perfume from Giorgio Armani, whose price starts from three thousand rubles per vial capacity of 50 mL.

Perfume for men

But not only the fairer sex can enjoy the divine perfume of the true classics of fashion.Fashion house created in 1996 doubles the flavor and for the stronger sex - Armani Acqua Di Gio Man.Like the female version of the spirits, this creation is considered to be the most popular in the world, a real bestseller.And he has no analogues to this day.This enchanting fragrance, woven from the hot sun, the cool wind, the colorful sunrise, passionate nights and sea breezes.Amazing bouquet create initial notes - invigorating and temperamental citrus (orange, tangerine, lime and lemon), tart bergamot, jasmine charming.The heart of the perfume conquer spicy coriander, sensual hyacinth, salty freshness of the sea water, burning nutmeg.They mixed with notes of peach, violet, rose, freesia and cyclamen.The final chord - a cedar and oak moss, patchouli and amber, the noble white musk.

How not to buy a fake?

charming fashionistas spirits are needed as well as an evening dress, because they create around the body of a certain aura of mystery and femininity.Men also can not do without the flavors that highlight their status and true inner peace.Fragrance by Armani line Di Gio suitable for everyday use and for special occasions, but also they are relevant in the office.

Needless to say that such a bestseller is constantly plagued by unscrupulous entrepreneurs who want to earn a famous name designer.In order not to buy a fake, you can focus on the price, as a rule, it will be cheaper than the original.But it is better to pay attention to the special way of protection of the original: the product: each item has its own number, which becomes visible under ultraviolet light.To reduce the risk of buying counterfeit goods will help the careful selection of the store.Expensive items are unlikely to be sold in small kiosks or on the market, which is full of various replicas, most likely it can be found in specialized boutiques.Instead of an epilogue

Brilliant designer Recently, reporters pestering questions about his successor.And that, he no longer young, though full of energy, a family and children it does not.For a long time he was credited with Sergio Galeotti relationship, friend and partner, who was close to many twenty years, and he died.From relatives have Aramani only have a niece who works in his company.But George only laughed in response, as is not going to go into retirement.Work - this is his life, and if it stops working, it will lose all meaning.This is it, the greatest designers of our time, the founder of fashion house Armani.