Miracles of makeup.

Makeup - a great invention of our ancestors, the usefulness of which can not be overemphasized.Especially grateful to all his achievements of the fair sex.And it is not surprising that as soon as women realized the power of beauty and the charm of youth, they wanted as long as possible to maintain a fresh complexion and enhance the positive features of their appearance, which awarded their nature.

Secrets transformation

Miracles of makeup - the theme of the infinite.Indeed, even a completely "colorless" person using makeup can transform so that it barely recognize loved ones.And what to speak, and if perceptible face and beautiful eyes, and the right features!The task of modern make-up stylists - not just mask the shortcomings of the exterior, but also (it's the first place) to emphasize dignity.And all of the wonders of makeup should be directed to the best advantage the woman could apply themselves: skin color, juicy lips, silk density of eyelashes, etc.That is simply to be able to model their app

earance to the highest standards and parameters of beauty and harmony.How to do it in practice - listen to the advice of the Masters!Today, the object of our study will be lips that poets of the East compared with juicy ripe pomegranate halves, with bright cherry and delicate rose petals, and the eyes, these wonderful mirror of the soul.

tired, inviting a kiss

In the face in the first place attract the attention of two parts - the eyes and mouth.Let's find out what wonders of makeup, make-up techniques practitioners can help you adjust the shape of the mouth, to your lips look seductive and attractive.For example, if they are thin, visually it is necessary to add volume.For this contour pencil leads them a few millimeters above the natural line.To make the natural contours are rounded.Three-dimensional Give stroke or pale pinkish-red color, take a lipstick peach, apricot, with mother of pearl.Suitable transparent shine.Dark colors are not suitable!

Special Effects at the thin lips

large and thin-lipped mouth requires a correction.And then wonders professional make-up are reduced to such actions: the average thickness of a pencil lead round rounded contours, and then start up the liner in the course, but does not affect the corners.Now Lipstick: bright suits, her lips to paint evenly, but in the middle of a shine, apply only feathered it is not necessary.

From sadness to smile

Makeup works wonders, and if the corners of the lips of a woman are omitted, and a grimace on his face constant grief and resentment.Using the methods described above, the correction can be carried out as follows: the mouth are given outlines of rose petals, chosen lipstick pale pink or peach tones.The main thing - do not forget the brilliance with mother of pearl.


mouth small mouth with small task makeup artist - visually enlarge it.Initially, the contours of the lips should be smooth brownish proofreader, then in the corners to extend the line slightly, lifting up (the mysterious half-smile of the Mona Lisa).Double paint the lipstick beige or pink.The final touch, use glitter with mother of pearl.

to the mouth did not seem great

Finally, if the normal fullness of the lips, mouth longish but that gives the face a kind of vulgar, help save the situation here is such effective techniques.He traces the contour of the lips, to themselves do not reach over a couple of millimeters.Take a neutral lipstick.When lips make up, pat them cloth.Luster's not necessary.

Light beautiful eyes

And now about how you can use the wonders of art vanity, tinting the eyes.Beauticians isolated round, almond, Mongoloid and slit cuts.Considered ideal eye of the second type.The rest can be corrected by using cosmetics Make Up and special equipment.

  • To round eyes give more elongated shape, you need eyeliner or neutral light gray color on the upper eyelid to hold a neat line just above the lash.Give it beyond the outer corner for another couple of millimeters, a little lifting to his temples.Lower eyelid circle of ciliary contour, but then the natural boundaries of the section.Both lines must be thin.
  • With slotted section of the high cheekbones eyes seem narrow, and your task when applying makeup - visually make them more open, wide open.For this dark pencil with a rounded pencil spend the arrow on the upper eyelid, slightly thickening at the center.Good paint the top and bottom lashes.A shade is better not to use.
  • To correct Mongoloid cut you need beige tones, light brown, gray can.Just slide the thin line above the lashes without nodules.Connect the arrows in the outer corners.Complete color mascara.You will see the wonders of eye makeup miraculously transform your face after such uncomplicated manipulation.Here it is, the real magic!
  • almond-shaped - the classic, most beautiful, it is not necessary to correct it, we can only underline.The arrows are made of the lash line.To make the decorative make-up, use seasonal colors.

Adjust the size

not only the form but also the size of the eye can be corrected, knowing some of the secrets of make-up, having his wonderful techniques.If they are small, will help to visually enlarge the arrow beige or pale gray.A silvery shadows complete your outer corners.Basically take shade light shades, opaque, translucent.If the eye too large, they should be visually reduced.To do this, perform a fairly wide line on the upper eyelid, blend with a brush, paint the top and blue gray, brownish, peach and beige shades.