Reviews: "Black Pearl".

"Black Pearl" - one of the most popular Russian companies.It equates to such giants as "L'Oreal" or "Garnier".And let it not so well known, and sold by, everyone decided to meet with her to find an assortment of something of their own.It is not just cosmetics "Black Pearl" in a short time fell in love with a huge number of Russian women.

little about mark "Black Pearl"

Why is it so popular, you ask.The answer is simple - this is due to the efficiency of production and its relation with the pleasant staff and the price.This trademark owned by Concern "Kalina" (the Russian perfumery-cosmetic company), which turns striking: just over 9 months of 2013 - $ 320 million.Brand "Black Pearl", mainly specializes in the media for skin care, but also produces cosmetics and hair care.A huge range of products updated with more and more taken into account everything - skin type and age of the buyer.You 40 and you have oily skin?Get one cream.25 and the skin you have dry?It is quite another.The compositions are n

ot identical, the company is not going to cheat their customers, whose loyalty she so diligently and hard won.

General customer reviews on cosmetics brand "Black Pearl"

course, about the stamp write reviews."Black Pearl", as already mentioned, quite a popular brand.But why bother to meet them?To know exactly what you are buying and listening to independent opinions of women who have used a particular vehicle brand.If you really undecided lotion or tonic, mask or scrub, cream or shampoo - it read the comments below, we brought both positive and negative.You'll learn is whether a product is an allergy, whether it is acting in accordance with the description and the promises of the manufacturer, if he has a replacement (ie. E. A cheaper analog or, on the contrary - the more expensive).It may be noted that the majority of reviews on cosmetics company "Black Pearl" positive, that is, women customers often give the product the highest rating.So, most of the tools of the brand does not cause allergies, fulfill all the promises of the manufacturer, and certainly will not stand and gather dust on a shelf in the bathroom.We gave feedback on the most popular products of the brand.

line of face creams "Samoomolozhenie"

It is in this line of funds received mainly positive feedback."Black Pearl", together with Anna Kovalchuk has released a line on sale not so long ago, but it has already achieved popularity among women older than 26 years.It is from this age is best to start using a variety of creams line.Day, night ... the choice of many.The effect is proven.A series of "Black Pearl. Samoomolozhenie" presented in many shops, it is constantly advertised on TV.Most buyers because of the advertising decides to buy the cream on trial.Whether they do it?Let's see the detailed characteristics of the most popular products for women.

What people say about night and day cream from the series "Samoomolozhenie"?

Night Cream of the series "Black Pearl. Samoomolozhenie" contains a liquid collagen - the substance that gives skin its elasticity and avocado oil - they significantly slow the aging of its properties as close as possible to the fat contained in human skin and,Finally, the bio-peptides that promote skin regeneration.Average rating of this cream retail buyers - 4.2 points.Minus, who noted virtually all users - a pungent smell, plus - efficacy and visible results on the second week.Second cream - day, his women customers also leave positive feedback."Black Pearl of 26 years", this cream - day, and is designed for dry and sensitive skin. He noted a light texture, the cream absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin. Also, do not cause allergies and has a pleasant smell. The composition also has oilavocado. The average score of the product from the buyers - 5 points. A good result is slightly better than the previous cream. Cons both creams - registration jars, an indication of their age, namely "plus twenty-six years." But otherwise, they do an excellent jobthat promises women the manufacturer.

Cosmetics company

Cosmetics "Black Pearl" - a lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and powder. It is not worse than cosmetic skin care products of the company and is perfectly acceptable. In general, the pointone means by which women customers leave satisfied with the most reviews. And they - positive. After reading them, you will be able to decide for themselves whether to use this mark, or to pick up something else.Although the Russian cosmetics recently released enough quality products, is now a concert "Kalina" is not much inferior to their position in a similar cosmetic products, including decorative, but produced in the West.

Gloss Lipstick moisturizing of the "Black Pearl"

Of course, the first thought of this when referring to the brand -'s Skin Care."Black Pearl" specialize in it for a long time and has improved its production lines in accordance with international standards.But when many women customers hear about lipstick, gloss, powder, creams and so on. D. Of the manufacturer, they refer to him quite favorably, without waiting for the bad and defective goods.Moisturizing Lip Gloss is a proof of this.Judging by the reviews, it is easy to apply, it does not flow into the folds of the lips, economical and perfect for a light day make-up, and for a brighter evening.Lipstick has a faint sweet smell, which does not cause any discomfort during the day.Average rating by means buyers - five points.This lipstick really leave only positive feedback."Black Pearl", as we see, is not inferior to other manufacturers of color cosmetics in anything.

"Black Pearl": Other creams

Undoubtedly, now one of the most popular Russian brands on the market's Skin Care - "Black Pearl."The price of this cosmetic is lower than, for example, in "L'Oreal", but their quality is at the same level, as well as efficiency.Of course, buyers choose according to their preferences, often simply believing that overseas cosmetics works better, although it is - has long been outdated stereotype.To confirm that the "Black Pearl" - a worthy's Skin Care, give a couple of reviews from shoppers, for example, by means of "Black Pearl" cream "program 26-35 years."Those who have used them, note that they did not disappointed in his choice.Himself cream perfectly absorbed into the skin within a few seconds, and he has a very light and delicate texture.Already after the first few times the use of the skin becomes elastic and smooth as before there was even an expensive cream "Lux".Within two weeks of using the customer has not found in this product is no minus remained fully satisfied.In general, the average rating of this product from the women - five points.

Cream "Black Pearl" Eye

This cream serum Century has an average rating of 4.7 points, that is not all the women customers are happy with the product.For example, many people say that the serum is suitable for all skin types - for both oily and dry.Many were looking for something similar to the western producers, but this is found in the line of "Black Pearl."The cream is easy to apply concealer under, it does not roll and remains on throughout the day.Also, it is very rapidly absorbed, which is important when applying makeup the morning, when every minute counts.Also note light and pleasant scent of money, but at the same time non-irritating, and faint.And the price of the product is quite acceptable - in the area of ​​100-120 rubles per 17 ml is usually enough for many daily use within 2 months.Also note the cost-effective means of packaging - a tube with a narrow spout.The effect, according to women, there really is.It reduces the circles under the eyes, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, looks younger.However, the assessment of 4.7 points due to the fact that many women customers expected a more pronounced effect.By the way, it means - from the category of "26+", at an early age do not need to use them.

Serum "Black Pearl"

Cream-Serum "Black Pearl" with the name "Aqualift ACTIVE 7".Average rating shoppers - 4.5 points.The women say that the product is relatively inexpensive - about 130 rubles.

Serum is a small tube with a convenient dispenser.Especially when using these factors point:

  • it can be used both for the person and for a century;
  • at any time - it is suitable for application by day and night for the application;
  • it is fairly well absorbed, so make-up on this base goes fine.

also said that the dispenser product is really very easy to use, it allows you to squeeze exactly the amount of serum that you need.You can not be afraid to overdo it or wasted product.Also it means no smell at all, which for some is a big plus.But the score of 4.5 points due to the fact that the manufacturer promises rejuvenation and strongly pronounced effect already after the first few times of use.Of course, not many people is observed, but, despite the fact that the serum does not completely fulfill the promises, many continue to buy the product again.And another interesting effect: note that the first after washing the skin to the touch seemed to some like "rubber", but then came the promised sensation of elasticity.That is a cream, in fact, did the trick.Also, many happy relation "price-quality."

Reviews of other products

For example, consider what is said about the cream "Black Pearl. Around the eyes," reviews about it and for the most part positive, he set an average rating of 4.4 points. For many women, this means -Universal day cream, but it is suitable for more mature skin because of the added hyaluronic acid. For those who do not know, is a chemical compound intended to smooth facial wrinkles and just wrinkles. That is, it makes sense to start using the tool when you do30 years old. Many people in this age start to think, how to slow the aging process and the formation of fine lines, are looking for "their", appropriately named them the means. For many it is - the cream of the "Black Pearl", the more that the price of the product packaging - a littlemore than 200 rubles. Many say that after the first few weeks of use the skin becomes supple, fine lines begin to flatten, and the complexion becomes smoother and brighter. But some do not like the fact that the tool itself too sticky in consistency and texture resembles a gentle cream.

anti-aging: what grade they give women customers

For example, the cream "Black Pearl" has positive reviews, and evaluation - 4.5 points.Now we are talking about means - Day cream "Anti-Aging Elixir sea."Here note that the purchaser: firstly, it is not suitable for oily skin and all because of its dense texture.Although women over 40, this type of covers is much rarer than in young girls.On the other hand, those who have dry skin, on the contrary, say that the texture of cream at a very good and pleasant.And the tool itself is sold in a nice package.According to reviews, this cream perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, it becomes smooth, supple and radiant as if from within.This effect of the usual cream to the liking of many.But to put the tone (and makeup in general) it is possible only after twenty minutes.Prior to that, the skin is still a bit sticky, and foundation is put on it is very bad, but then, after a specified time, it is quite normal.

buyers of cosmetics "Black Pearl"

is noted that the composition of many creams are not all natural.But now few people are surprised by this.Since many agents are in the range of 100-500 rubles, and give a very good effect.Especially since some of the components such as acids in creams for aging skin just need to include in - whether they are of vegetable or chemical origin.In conclusion, we note that the cream "Black Pearl", reviews of which we quoted above, and other products of the company - one of the best in the Russian market.And not only in the niche's Skin Care, but in recent years, and decorative.That is, by opting for a particular product, you can safely give their preference for "Black Pearl."

Analysis of the overall assessment of cosmetics buyers.Conclusion

Of all the reviews that we have analyzed in the writing of this article, only 5% were negative.And then, many were not to the liking of a certain product characteristics (such as texture, smell, and so on), and not a means in themselves.This is - an excellent result, especially if we consider how many Western competitors have concern "Kalina" and how difficult it is to earn the respect of buyers, especially those who previously gave preference only Western brand of care products for face and body.Try one product, you may continue to start using the resources of the brand, the more that the "Black Pearl" - the Russian cosmetics, but it is made, as we have already noted, according to international quality standards.