What is the make-up?

makeup - is a great way to make more expressive facial features, thanks to him, any woman can emphasize your individuality and create a unique image.Women have begun to actively apply cosmetics not so long ago, but the story of its creation has millennium, often it is used, even the men.

from antiquity to modern times

Ancient Egyptians first discovered dyes, which soon came into use.In ancient murals often portrayed the beautiful wife of the pharaohs neatly painted arrows around the eyes, eyebrows and lips stained.However, not always wore makeup aesthetic purpose: face painting holds for magical and religious rites before military campaigns.

for the beauty of the body followed by millions of women, but not everyone knows what the make-up.In English the word means "make-up" and the word "cosmetics" is borrowed from the French language and translated as "the art of decorating."Indeed, the procedure for applying makeup - is a culture that can transform a person beyond recognition.

Makeup is never too much?

Beautician every woman is full of a variety of eye shadow, false eyelashes, lipstick and bronzer shades.But how not to get lost among this diversity?The question is not easy, because you want to put on the face a bit of everything to the eyes shimmer with rainbow colors and blush was as vividly as possible.For everyday life makeup unacceptable excesses.

correct make-up should be unobtrusive, because it is done to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity that beauty seemed as natural as possible.Wanting to cover up freckles or make less noticeable tan, girls applied several layers of foundation and powder, making a big mistake.The funds are used for the face to hide the wrinkles and make the tone even.Many people forget that a make-up, and start to apply a thick layer of makeup, which is near the looks unattractive.Abuse creams leads to premature aging of the skin, and due to the large amount of powder facial features appear to be frozen.

What should be the correct cosmetics

assortment of skin care is striking for its diversity.Mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and lotions vary in quality and price categories.Make-up (cosmetics) should include a means of allergenic substances, or any procedure will result in the application of itching and the appearance of spots and peeling of the skin.Fashionistas should know that quality daily makeup is not cheap, but the beauty is costly.Do not be surprised if for the foundation or mascara manufacturer will require a total of three zeros - with this tool you can not worry about the condition of the skin.

It is no secret that cosmetics are often counterfeited, and in a beautiful package can put a defective product, disguised as a famous brand.No one is immune from being deceived, but to somehow protect themselves from the consequences, do not forget to read the annotation and follow the expiration date.

ideal image of the house?No problem!

Beauty on special occasions should visit every girl.But every day to spend time on long procedures can only afford actors or models.Knowing what the make-up, you can create a perfect image at home, even with a small assortment of makeup.

First apply a moisturizer, then evenly applied tonal basis, which should be almost invisible on the skin.Concealer to hide dark spots, dark circles or small pimples.Powder removes shine and evens.Blush are natural, brown and pink shades.Choose an option, depending on the activities for which apply make-up at home.Focus on the eyebrows can be done with a soft pencil or shadow.Next, you eye makeup.Rounding out the procedure for applying lipstick or lip gloss.

Daring eyes

No wonder they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.Rule applying tonal framework remains unchanged, but the eye make-up can be changed every day.At its creation it takes the most time, but thanks to persistent shadows and mascara will not have to correct it for long hours.

Daytime makeup should be natural and make the look more expressive, as if the long night ahead, the eyes should be bright and bold, so there can be no borders - more shadows, eyeliner and mascara.

make-up, cosmetics age may be different: solid or crumbly shadows, liquid formulations, eyeliner or pencil.For an ideal image should be involved several shades of colors.Bright tone shades applied to the upper and lower part of the century, held a pencil thin line along the outer corner of the eye and below.Dark shades can make a neat cavity under the eyebrows - this technique is suitable for European century.To be more expressive eyes, along the lash necessary to arrow eyeliner.The final stage - mascara.

Unleash your imagination!

All ladies are well aware of what the make-up and apply it every day, but it is worth to include additional elements: false eyelashes, rhinestones and sequins - and a flick of the wrist daily image will turn into a fairy-tale.Bright make-up is an excellent choice for extraordinary style to the prom, to a disco or a photo shoot.The main thing - to give vent to imagination and do not be afraid of new experiments.