Cosmetics Tony Moly: customer reviews

At the moment women have become popular not only Western brand of cosmetics, but also those that came to us from Asia.In this article we will look at details on cosmetic Tony Moly: reviews about it, what products is the firm and that, according to buyers, it is the best product.Tell us what is worth paying attention to, and possibly purchase.

Overview cosmetics Tony Moly

On the Russian market, this brand came recently, but in Korea, it is known and deservedly popular.Its name can be translated as "magic forest", although some suggest other options, such as "stylish girl" and the like.Anyway, cosmetics, Tony Moly, reviews of which from the Russian potrebitelnits mostly positive (which we will consider later in the article), firmly established on the shelves in the bathroom, many of the fair sex in Russia and CIS countries.

This is not surprising, because, in addition to effective remedies for skin care products, the company has taken care of the design and packaging.He's really bright, girlish, an

d the products themselves smell good and have a pleasant texture.Moreover, their price is quite competitive, low.Tony Moly is why all the European market is gaining stronger means to care for skin and hair.Next we look at the most popular of them.

Lip Balm Tony Moly Tint: reviews and recommendations for use

This tool is designed specifically for those who want not only to ensure his lips gentle care, but also to give a make-up bright and expressive.For many girls, causing makeup, whether it is day or night, making emphasis on the lips.This tool contains 98% moisturizing agents.The customer really say that after using the soft skin stops cracking (especially in winter), peel off.Balm provides a smooth surface of the lips, not rolled or hammered into the fold.

Considering Tint Balm brand Tony Moly, reviews about it, you can not even find a positive and enthusiastic.Many girls say and brightness of colors, and a large palette of colors - you can choose the one that fits best.But it is also important that the tool is held for 6-8 hours.That is, this lip balm can be considered a full-fledged tool for makeup.It costs about 170-200 rubles.

Magic Eggs Tony Moly Egg Pore

Another popular product is the Korean company - the so-called egg of Tony Moly.The funds are intended for comprehensive skin care, and their packaging is really represented in the form of eggs.Thus, the first egg white contains cleansing gel that helps to cope with black dots.Second - beige - keeps a special mask, which tightens pores and helps clear the skin of excess fat and dirt.And finally, the third egg of gold color - a special tool to "grouting" long.It seems to fill the skin from the inside, it becomes very flat, smooth and perfect for any make-up.So, in three steps, you can quickly tidy up your face.These funds are intended for all types of covers.But, of course, most of all, they are suitable for young skin prone to acne and the appearance of blackheads.

What people say about eggs Tony Moly

Product Tony Moly Egg Pore, reviews of which are listed below, loved by many young girls and for their exceptional quality, and for the fact that the funds really work after the first application.That's what they say about women customers magical eggs from Tony Moly:

  • all the tools are easy to apply and have a pleasant texture;
  • have effect after the first application, especially noticeable in the skin problems - it is cleaner, black spots practically disappear, and the third egg, the product of which is intended for "smoothing" then visually makes the skin almost perfect;
  • certainly say attractive packaging in the form of cute eggs of different colors;
  • price of products - each worth from 400 to 500 rubles - is comparable with similar products on the Effects of other brands.

Therefore, the product Tony Moly Egg, reviews of which allow him to put a firm estimate of the "five", has earned popularity among many young girls.They not only enjoy the facilities themselves, but recommend them to friends.After all, a good comprehensive skin care, especially problematic, allows young ladies look fresh and very attractive.

agent Tony Moly Dear me: reviews shoppers

Perhaps, Tony Moly Dear me - this is one of the most popular products of the company.This BB-cream, which is a cross between a moisturizer and foundation.The customer noted that Dear me:

  • has natural shade and does not create the effect of the mask on the face;
  • perfectly blends with the skin tone, while obscuring minor flaws in the form of redness, pimples and wrinkles;
  • does not shine on the skin does not cause fat, easy to apply;
  • available at a price that is about 250 rubles per pack.

These are characteristics give women customers BB Cream Dear Me by Tony Moly.Product reviews certainly help you choose the base under makeup.After a light foundation is very difficult to pick up, it is often either too fat or too dry, dull or, conversely, high-gloss.Also in summer fashion natural makeup, so BB-cream from the Korean company may be your assistant in creating a perfect complexion.

line of skincare Tony Moly Appletox

care products for skin care are presented in two forms, packaging of which deserve special attention - they are in the form of apples, red and green.The latter is peeling cream designed to remove unproductive and deep exfoliation of skin cells and update sheets.It contains fruit acids, keratin of green apples and papaya, as well as other special components, allowing the first application to see the result.Your skin will be smooth and glowing cheeks acquire a natural blush and makeup after using tools to apply a pleasure - so the face is smooth.

The red apple contains nourishing cream designed primarily for skin care after 25-30 years.It helps to smooth fine wrinkles, improves blood circulation in the tissues, improves the complexion and just uplifting thanks to its soft texture and delicate flavor.The price of each "miracle apple" - about 500 rubles.

How to characterize a woman means skincare Tony Moly

course, many positive characteristics of funds left Tony Moly Appletox.Reviews shoppers are given below:

  • peeling submitted in line with the skin really works wonders - after the application of the person becomes extremely smooth, fade fine lines and nasolabial folds become less visible;
  • mark and product design: the majority of money from Tony Moly is a very attractive packaging;
  • individual advantage comes and smell of food - fresh apple, unobtrusive;
  • tools help even out skin tone - this also applies to creams and peels;
  • series Appletox cream is easy to apply, immediately absorbed, after the skin feels very comfortable;
  • cream is also suitable as a base for make-up.

These are the positive reviews left the woman on the makeup of this series.But the same can not be so that 100% of the buyers were satisfied by means of skin care products!After all, even the most expensive brand products have both his admirers and those creams, masks, or, say, lipstick categorically do not fit.Below we have given negative reviews about products Tony Moly.

What are the negative characteristics of the resulting products Tony Moly

So, here are the most common complaints of women who can be met, considering the reviews of the series means Appletox, BB-cream and other products.Note that:

  • cosmetics are rarely found in the free market, it often must be ordered via the Internet, and then wait for delivery;
  • some peels for the skin and can be quite aggressive it retain moisture;
  • regard to makeup, the poverty mark the color palette, although it depends on the taste and preferences of individual buyers;
  • in rare cases there is an allergy to products (however, it is typical for women whose skin has a hypersensitivity; in this case they need to use a special line of hypoallergenic cosmetics without fragrances and other provoking an adverse reaction components);
  • many complain packaging, paradoxically (for example, the same Appletox creams are not sold in a dispenser and a bank without a special spatula for application, each piece means you have to take your hands, and it's not too hygienic).

Anyway, any brand of cosmetics is not without drawbacks.Therefore, to consider means of Tony Moly as a panacea for all problems with the skin and is not necessary.

worth to buy cosmetics or not?

course, you take the final decision, taking into account that for all its virtues Tony Moly products have disadvantages.On the other hand, there are many products of the company are relatively inexpensive, they are cute, nice smell and as they say many girls, help to make the skin really perfect.This is not surprising, because in Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan, women pay more attention to it beauty and smoothness of skin.They are accustomed to deal with shortcomings - enlarged pores, blackheads, redness, and not cover up their foundation.Therefore, manufacturers and Asian countries pay special attention to and invest in the development of new products namely skin care, a little less than paying attention to the development of lines of makeup.

In this article, we reviewed the products of Korean company Tony Moly: reviews of the most popular in Russia and CIS funds, their characteristics, as well as price.Perhaps that after reading it you will choose for themselves the cream, peeling, or lipstick-care you have been looking for other manufacturers.