"Yuviderm": reviews.

At all times women have sought to be beautiful, to be young and attractive.Now, in the age of plastic surgery, where literally anything is possible, ladies are increasingly resorting to the services of surgeons and specialists-beauticians in order to improve their appearance.In this article we look at a few simple correction of appearance, namely getting rid of wrinkles and increase lip volume, their characteristics, on their reviews."Yuviderm" - a popular drug that is used by doctors to change the contour of the lips, as well as for smoothing wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and even to change the contour of eyebrows.

What is "Yuviderm"?

This tool appeared relatively recently.In 2000, the French company Corneal France has introduced a new product based on hyaluronic acid.His name was Juviderm or "Yuviderm" in Russian transcription.Subsequently, experts Corneal France based on feedback and observations of cosmetologists improved drug now on the market represented not only the classic version, released i

n 2000, and its variants.For example, a series of "Yuviderm Ultra", which means are numbered 2, 3 or 4, a special gel is a high acid content, it is used for correction of wrinkles and for lip augmentation.

A filler "Yuviderm Volbella" - a drug that provides a long-lasting effect, as the acid itself has the ability to dissolve and excreted from the body.That is, by making the correction of wrinkles or lip filling gel, after some time you need to repeat the procedure again.But "Yuviderm Volbella" - a novelty that allows you to not appear at all the cosmetician 12 months after the correction.It really is a good indicator as to fill the lips or fill wrinkles filler is usually necessary every 4-6 months.

drug "Juvederm Ultra Smile"

This tool is based on hyaluronic acid is a special filler for lip augmentation and for smoothing out wrinkles in the mouth area.The kit includes a syringe with 2 means the volume of 0.55 ml, and the instructions for use.Price of the set - about 7,000 rubles, but the procedure for the filling of wrinkles or lip augmentation done only in the clinic.That is how the physician's experience depends on the final result.Therefore the price of the procedure at least twice the cost of the "Yuviderm."

After the injections, you can immediately see the result, though the lips or the area of ​​the injection will be slightly reddened and swollen.Usually before injections means the doctor spends anesthesia the lips preparation "lidocaine" or ointment "Emla", so the procedure is virtually painless.Also note that all funds "Yuviderm" certified in Russia and are safe to use (in the absence of contraindications, which we describe below).

Reviews of preparation "Juvederm Ultra Smile"

So, in the above procedure to increase the lips solved more and more women.Here's how they describe themselves and the drug injection.We are talking about means "Juvederm Smile".Reviews of him giving the following:

  • procedure is very fast, usually no more than half an hour;
  • gel lingers long in the lips, usually from 8 to 12 months;
  • gel in its composition contains a drug "Lidocaine" that with sufficient skill of the doctor makes the procedure virtually painless;
  • this means the new generation, it appeared on the market in 2011;it is a product of the latest developments of the manufacturer;
  • first result of the injections can be seen immediately;final - in about 2 weeks.

These are the characteristics of the drug was "Juvederm Ultra Smile".Reviews of him left, mostly positive, both the women themselves and cosmetologists.More than 90% of patients are satisfied with the result after injection with this drug.

tool for recovery in the face "Yuviderm Volyuma"

What is the distinguishing feature of the product line "Yuviderm"?It consists in that the filler is specially designed to correct areas of the face where there is a shortage of volume.Often women after 35-40 years, faced with the fact that her cheeks "floated", the nasolabial folds become highly visible, and wrinkles under the eyes become so visible that they do not hide creams.Especially for the correction of these defects and established drug "Yuviderm Volyuma", which reviews from doctors and customers received only positive.

Up to 98% of women are satisfied with the result after the injection.It is not surprising, because it contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (a new development company - acid molecules are very small, so insignificant swelling after the procedure).The drug gives a lasting effect for up to 12-18 months and a week after the injection the patient can see the final result.

drug "Yuviderm Volyuma": detailed feedback from women patients

This tool is very popular and doctors, and those who want to get rid of wrinkles, make the cheek more elastic, and nasolabial folds less noticeable.Here is what the patient about the procedure and the preparation itself.Below are reviews:

  • "Yuviderm Volyuma" contains in its composition lidocaine, so they are almost painless injections;
  • effect is visible almost immediately, although it is largely dependent on the skill of the physician;
  • really say that after this drug injection swelling is almost imperceptible, that is, the next day you may well go to work or take part in any event;
  • but also said that the price of such "beauty shots" often quite high;This is not surprising, because the cost of the packaging of the drug is about 10 thousand rubles;to this amount must be added the cost of medical services and supplies.

But somehow the majority of women satisfied with the results after using the drug "Yuviderm Volyuma."

Biorevitalization using the drug "Yuviderm Gidreyt"

This procedure is referred to as an alternative to surgery for facial rejuvenation.Injection drug "Yuviderm Gidreyt" shows women after 45-50 years, which is clearly visible wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, nasolabial folds are clearly expressed.In fact, biorevitalization - a procedure that allows you to change the structure of the skin, that is, to make it more moist, began again in full to produce collagen and elastane.That is, we are helping tissues reborn.

drug "Yuviderm Gidreyt" reviews which are positive (in general, all the means of the line "Yuviderm", due to its quality and variety, for 14 years of its existence, won the deserved love of both patients and doctors), not only allows the skin to becomeAgain the young, but also includes in its composition a special agent "Mannitol", which prevents swelling after injections.That is, it allows us to express the real procedure, followed by a few days do not need to sit at home, getting rid of the edema using ointments or ordinary ice.The drug "Yuviderm Gidreyt" significantly moisturizes the skin, making it smoother, gives a healthy complexion.A second course of injections should be carried out only after a year, this tool provides a long-lasting effect.

Biorevitalization "Yuviderm Gidreyt": reviews of preparation and procedure

is how characterize the patient's drug and cosmetic clinics the procedure itself:

  • it is virtually painless, but you doctor may put on the face or neck additional analgesic ointment;
  • after it still has a small swelling, and traces of injections, which, however, can easily cover up creams;
  • even the driest skin after injection of the drug "Yuviderm Gidreyt" becomes normal, well hydrated;
  • first effect can be seen immediately, but have to wait for the final result - it is only visible after a week and a half.

But mostly, women left a means of positive feedback."Yuviderm Gidreyt" provides a stable result, and the skin after it looks really young and fresh.

drug "Yuviderm-3": features and reviews

means "Yuviderm-3" is designed for insertion into the deeper layers of the skin, it is a thick gel.Basically, it is used to correct the distinct, deep wrinkles, that is, that it is logical for the older women.It also includes a means of "Lidocaine" as an introduction to the skin dense, viscous gel - quite a painful procedure.Especially often require multiple injections.

drug "Yuviderm-3" ratings which show that it can really help to combat deep wrinkles, particularly effective for the correction of deep wrinkles on the forehead, the cheeks.Also, it is used for lifting the corners of the lips.Often with age, they "float" down, and his face gets sad sometimes something unhappy expression.But for lip augmentation is this facility is not used.Anyway about the drug under the number "three", and doctors and patients leave only positive feedback.

"Yuviderm" - indeed, the universal product line, though very expensive (for example, more well-known Botox), but at the same time, cosmetologist, assessing the condition of your skin and the requirements of the patient, can choose what you really needAt the moment.And it is the young girl who decided to give the volume of the lips, and the older lady, began to fight against wrinkles.

Who should not use drugs "Yuviderm"

Unfortunately, there is a group of persons to whom the injection of funds "Yuviderm" contraindicated.These include:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • children up to 18 years;
  • people with epilepsy;
  • patients with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • those who can not tolerate the drug "lidocaine" and other anesthetics;
  • patients with porphyria (violation of pigment metabolism).

remaining injections of the drug can be.

We elaborated on the line means "Yuviderm" about how to help them in the fight against wrinkles, dry skin, as well as about lip augmentation."Yuviderm", reviews of which are also listed in the article, is an excellent choice for those who want to preserve youth and beauty.But the final decision about which medication is best applied in a given situation, should take cosmetologist.And, of course, no need to inject yourself, because one wrong move - and you have to wait 6-12 months, while hyaluronic acid is completely dissipate in your body.