"Tony Molly": reviews.

cosmetic industry is undergoing a transformation.His unshakable positions enters such "monsters", as the French, Italian and American manufacturers of decorative and other cosmetics.They are increasingly on the heels come the young, aggressive, decisive Asian "tigers."The point is that today there is promising demand for cosmetics from Korea, Japan and China.More and more modern European women prefer to buy beauty products for face and body, produced in those countries.She represented many brands, including such as "Tony Molly".Reviews on this South Korean brand mostly positive or neutral.Let's find out what the brand offers, than can be useful to consumers of its products.

secret of the success of the Asian cosmetics

Before talking about the brand, "Tony Molly", reviews of which mostly positive, you need to understand the phenomenon of a phenomenon known as the Korean cosmetics.

Underlying the popularity of Asian beauty products is several factors.They, in turn, creates a single pool, which provid

es them with success, high demand and interest from European customers (mostly women, of course).First of all Asians have delicious skin, which in itself is an advertisement for there the manufacturers of cosmetics.Second, Asian products combine high quality and affordable, reasonable price category.

The result is a product that has the properties of expensive cosmetics, but it is necessary in this case is several times less.How can achieve such amazing marketing effect?

unique Asian beauty products

The secret is that the producing countries have a unique advantage over their competitors from other continents.On their territory grow exotic plants and trees, gifts which in ancient times was used female Asians in order to rejuvenate and improve the skin of the body and face and hair.

Korean brands, including such as "Tony Molly" (responses will be discussed below), create their products solely from vegetable ingredients.Chemical ingredients in their cosmetics present in a minimum amount!The producers do not test products on animals, but all products are fully certified and poses no danger to the health or condition of the skin.Accordingly, the Korean products can be attributed to the group of organic cosmetics.

Cosmetics "Tony Molly»

reviews from those who have used any product of this brand, of course, different.But, interestingly, is clearly negative opinions among them.There are neutral feedback, a lot of positive and approving.Perhaps that is why so many girls goes to the Asian cosmetics.

If we evaluate on a scale, the average production of "Tony Molly", according to user feedback, deserves a solid four.Agree, this is a pretty good result.

Pros brand

For many buyers, the dignity of the brand is the affordable cost of cosmetics, the content of natural ingredients and in an attractive design package.At the last factor can dwell as boxes, bottles, bottle at "Tony Molly" truly inimitable.They may be in the form of an apple, eggs and creatures in the style of anime.For their decoration using bright colors and unusual special way inscriptions.A lot of girls think it is a plus non-standard packaging of "Tony Molly".

Korean cosmetics are almost always has the properties of which its makers claim.If specified, the mask pores and removes the high spots, then what happens in practice.This is confirmed by those girls who use cosmetics for a long time, "Tony Molly".

Reviews negative character of the Korean cosmetics almost never occur, except that if the funds are not suitable for your skin type (although they mostly universal).

assortment of brand

So what offers this brand?Almost all, and to all parts of the body!This means that the range of the brand is literally crammed with decorative cosmetics (paints, mascara, eyeliner, blush, powder and lipstick-shine), as well as a series of tools for skin care body and face.These are various masks, lotions, tonics, sprays, serums and concentrates.

In addition, there are mega BB and CC-cream, where all the girls are crazy.Many funds presented with anti-aging effect.Some of them should be used as a mask at night to get up in the morning rejuvenated a few years.


especially popular with those who are "sitting" on the gifts of the Korean cosmetic industry, masks are working at night.This know-how Asians who shoved a bottle, in fact, two means: an active night cream and a mask that does not need to wash off after fifteen minutes, as we used to do it.

This symbiosis got its name - «sleeping pack».Specific creams representative of the format - a mask called «Dual Effect Sleeping Pack».It is supplied in a bottle of 100 ml.It is equipped with a pump-dispenser.It is very convenient as it is typed means as much as needed - no less and no more.

mask is applied 2 times per week (one hour before bedtime) with a thin layer.It has a pleasant smell and texture lipkovatuyu.The consistency of the gel.The tool is intended to soften, nourish, moisturize the skin, reduce pore size and wrinkles.

What do reviews on this product?The effect is already after the first application, the skin, many women actually became much better, fresher, softer and lighter.Many say that the mask of "Tony Molly" - a magic bullet!

Ingredients: arbutin (antioxidant), ceramides (rejuvenation), herbal extracts that nourish the skin, saturate it with minerals and vitamins, maintain the natural moisture balance (this rye, pomegranate extract, dragon trees, Centella asiatica, Campsis large-leavedplaunka and tamarisk).

Cream "Tony Molly»

Consider the most popular product - a tool called «Red Appletox Honey Cream TONY MOLY» (meaning the cream "red apple with honey").It has the original packaging in the form of a delicious red apple.

The clients notice is the means appreciated.It is designed to moisturize, smooth and tighten the face.It is used as a daily moisturizer.It has a gelatinous texture, smells good and is absorbed, but there is some stickiness.Extracts of apple and honey give elasticity to the skin, nourish it with the necessary elements, minerals and amino acids.Jar equipped with a special means of measuring spoon must be used for hygiene purposes.Here's a cream "Tony Molly".Reviews of it positive.

Besides fun in terms of product packaging "Tony Molly" still offers the cream "Broccoli", a series of snail cream («Intense Care Live Snail»), massage scrubs and hand creams and intensive anti-aging agents: «Floria Nutra-EnergyCream »,« Polynesia Lagoon Water Hydro Cream »,« Aqua Aura Rich Cream »,« Intense Care Syn-Ake Wrinkle Cream »and many others.et al.

little about the company

Brand "Tony Molly" relatively young but already successful.It was founded in 2006 in South Korea.Production quickly went abroad and became a success around the world.Company name translates from Korean as "stylish package," and it is fully justified.