Gold Card "Rive Gauche".

In the world there are a lot of women's joys, which can cause a smile, including the opportunity to buy much-needed perfumes and cosmetics.Best Buy will be the case if there gold card "Rive Gauche".

How to get it and how it can be used now consider in more detail.The main thing to remember is that the presence of such a card in any case gives you a profit on every purchase made in the network of shops "Rive Gauche".

Gold Card "Rive Gauche".How to get it?

The easiest way - this is probably the accumulation.With the accumulation of a certain amount, namely, 10,000 rubles, you will be given hands on this map.

You can also receive a gold card "Rive Gauche" with a specially held shares.The essence of them is usually the purchase of goods in a certain amount, which are negotiated in advance with all participants.

And the last known process - is the exchange of goods + successful bid.This means that to get the gold card "Rive Gauche", you can simply exchange cards Perfumery Club "Arbat Prestige" an

d thus acquiring more goods from "Rive Gauche" in the amount of 300 rubles.

Register Gold Card "Rive GaucheĀ»

Typically, the registration process takes a very long time and they have to spend a lot of strength, which, of course, has a negative impact on all those who are willing to spend money and buy much-needed gold card fromvarious large stores.Imagine yourself: come to the store to buy all the hope of a quick and go home and learn about the gold shares during the registration card from the network of shops "Rive Gauche".Immediately there is a desire to get it and stay in the black.And now begins the process of registration, but instead of the planned five minutes took almost two hours.And who needs such a register?But it's worth noting that the company has thought of everything.When you receive a gold card immediately and automatically checks in and is fully ready to serve you faithfully.It's so cool when it is not necessary to spend extra minutes to complete the boring paper!Just once - and yet, the card is ready to bring discounts.Therefore in the "Rive Gauche" to register a gold card will take much less time than you think.

How to earn points for purchasing products from the company Kenzo

Immediately after registration you can automatically activate the gold card "Rive Gauche".There are basic ways to earn points with the brand Kenzo, Givenchy and Sisley.Next, consider the details of the company's share Kenzo and how to get the bonus if there is a gold card "Rive Gauche".How to get a treasured gift points on the map?

The most important thing to note - points will be awarded only for the purchase of products Kenzo perfume stores in the "Rive Gauche".Points will be awarded only to owners of registered and gold card with the expectation that 1 point is equal to 10 rubles.Write-off occurs on the following calculation: 1 point is equal to 50 kopecks.

Write-off points earned will occur only if a set of the required minimum, that is, the amount of 300 points, and spend it will be possible only for the products of the brand Kenzo in "Rive Gauche".

psevdodengami Data can be paid as part of the purchase, and its absolute value, but only under the condition that the product meets the brand Kenzo.You can not pay them a gift certificate.

What promotion is valid for the card with the purchase of products from Givenchy

In this part we will tell more about the second type of bonus shares, this time powered by Givenchy.Follow the action and the questions will not arise.

To begin to gain much-needed bonus in this program, you just need to buy the products in the store Givenchy perfumes and cosmetics "Rive Gauche".

When buying goods you will collect secret keys, which can then be exchanged for discounts.Secret-key you will receive for every 10 rubles spent on the purchase of the shares.Get discounts on the purchase of products from the company's subsequent Givenchy.The discount will be valid provided the set minimum limit, namely 500 secret keys.Under this system, the discount is constructed as follows: 5 secret key will be the one your are spared ruble.

Do not forget to note that the discount earned secret keys will be added at a discount, located on the Gold Card.

How does the discount program for products Sisley

Finally, we will tell about the work of the third and final system of discounts, this time powered by Sisley.In order to get much-needed points, you just need to buy products from the company Sisley.

For product purchase, you will receive the Golden Orchid.For every $ 100 you spend, you'll receive at the expense of the orchid 1, resulting in a nice bonus, and bring your gold card "Rive Gauche".

Discounts will be accumulated to a minimum of 50 orchids, then they can pay for their purchases, but it applies only to products of the company Sisley.

And most importantly - there is also a summation of the system, ie the discount earned on this stock is added to the discount on your map.

Gold card - the best gift from the "Rive Gauche"

So we looked at specific examples of what the gold card "Rive Gauche".How do I get it and how to properly use it for purchases in shops "Rive Gauche", we learned.

Now everyone get this gold card will be aware of its benefits, how to obtain and, of course, do not forget about the bonus line.For the "Rive Gauche" is always concerned about the product and about customers, which certainly allows you to compete with other well-known brands in the field of perfumes and cosmetics.