Reviews: mascara "Max Factor 2000 calories."

father of modern cosmetics Max Factor, who once lived in Nikolayev and Odessa, after his emigration to the United States became the founder of the cosmetic brand «Max Factor», and that after 37 years has not lost its popularity.Served at the court of Nicholas II, he was the chief make-up artist and hairdresser actors Opera House.Abroad, he has become a well known figure among the stars like Judy Garland, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin and many others.He was one of the first managed to create a make-up, which is characterized by natural, safe, and at the same time kept on the face for a long time.

most popular product manufacturer

Max Factor make-up could change the world by introducing fashion to use cosmetics - creams, mascara, lipstick.Later, the worldwide market beauty products added to moisture-resistant makeup including waterproof mascara.

Mascara "Max Factor 2000 Calorie", which has already managed to try every second Russian woman recently undergone some transformation - was

created three unique variants of carcasses that can significantly increase the amount of even the most meager of eyelashes, twist them and make them impervious to the effects ofmoisture.All of these effects are provided thanks to a unique patented brush and formula, developed by experts of the company.

This product is already received numerous positive reviews.Mascara "Max Factor 2000 calories" for its 20 years of existence managed to gain a reputation as the best cosmetic products for the eyes and became a favorite of many makeup artists.With it you can transform even the most delicate and sparse eyelashes.Thanks to carefully selected components and the correct ratio of the product is able to create longer and voluminous effect without clumps of mascara on the eyelashes for a long time.The separation system in the tube to minimize the amount of mascara brush to prevent excessive application of it, and a special arrangement of the bristles allows you to paint over every lash from root to tip.

Product Characteristics

Multiple reviews of the carcass "Max Factor 2000 Calorie" confirm the statement maker about the benefits of cosmetics - she is not afraid of tears, snow, rain, heat, it has a high resistance to abrasion, but can be easily removedeye using a special makeup remover.Numerous advantages of the carcass supplemented its hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and the absence of any other substances that have a negative effect on the mucous eye."Max Factor 2000 calories" - an excellent option for girls and women who use contact lenses.

Species Product

Before the first purchase, you can, of course, listen to those who leave product feedback.Mascara "Max Factor 2000 Calorie", presented in three variations, has a different effect: look can be natural or may buy or romantic dramatic character.

Waterproof (WATERPROOF)

Due to the absence of perfumed fragrances it can be used on even the most sensitive eyes.Apply mascara easily, leaves no lumps and does not stick lashes.It is perfect for celebrations, exciting moments when emotions are overflowing, or simply wet rainy weather, as the water-repellent composition of the product does not dissolve and blurred face.

dramatic look with DRAMATIC VOLUME

provides long lasting volume by thickening lashes and protecting them from harmful environmental factors, including UV.With mascara "Max Factor 2000 calories" you can create a distinctive and unique look that attracts attention.During the day the product is not smeared, and not be spread.Those present in the polymer model and soften lashes, giving them the desired shape and volume.

curls, classic (CURVED BRUSH) "Max Factor 2000 Calorie"

rave reviews about it.According to him, we can say that this is the most popular model, and it has the following advantages: waterproof, not smeared, long eyelashes holding in position.The curved shape of the brush allows you to paint over the entire row of eyelashes with one stroke, while twisting and fixing them in position.Hypoallergenic not contain fragrances.

line tools for eye makeup MAX Factor

In addition to these funds, there are other options for carcass of this manufacturer: FALSE LASH EFFECT FUSION, FALSE LASH EFFECT WATERPROOF, MASTERPIECE MAX, WILD MEGA VOLUME, FALSE LASH EFFECT, 24 FALSE LASH EFFECT, CLUMPDEFY "Max Factor 2000 calories."Their price is around 400 Russian rubles.


Some women in order to save even try to revive stuffy ink, adding a drop tube naftizina.This trick allows you to extend the life of the cosmetic product.Even after such manipulations product does not lose its properties, as many assert reviews."Mascara Max Factor 2000 Calorie" is able to give odds even luxury expensive brethren, so is not always true saying "equal to the quality of price."In this case, the carcass quality is superior to its cost.

Simple truths

For the most effective results, applying mascara, you can use a few tips makeup artists:

  • During its application it is important to do the following: base lashes stained zigzag movements, then go brush along the entire lengtheyelashes, without stopping.
  • combs for eyelashes, preferably metal with frequent teeth, help more carefully comb them - this is an important step in applying mascara, without which it is almost impossible to remove unwanted residues of the product, as well as give your lashes volume and density.
  • curled lashes like nothing else significantly alter the image of their owner.Curl can be 3 ways: using an ordinary brush washed from the old carcasses svezhenakrashennymi;by means of special tongs.The most long lasting way but not quite safe for cilia - waving in the beauty salon.After this procedure, you can safely postpone the tongs aside for 1.5-2 months.
  • black mascara, of course, is a classic, but in some cases it can give the image of pretentiousness and artificiality.So, for the fair-haired girls are more suitable shades of brown or gray, and black can be left for the evening make-up and special celebrations.
  • For a more thorough staining lashes across the length and in the corners of the most preferred thin and short brush.
  • to create a light and airy eye makeup need only touch the tips of the eyelashes brush.So you can accentuate their length, without weighing.
  • Before applying mascara, you can powder the lower eyelid, then the extra pieces of the product can be easily wipe away without spoiling the makeup.
  • for lengthening eyelashes and apply a method of moisturizing hair conditioner, but for sensitive persons, this method is not suitable.Pre apply normal moisturizer or hair conditioner, comb the lashes and let them dry.Now you can begin to make-up.

received multiple good reviews, mascara "Max Factor 2000 Calorie" it proves that even in the segment of low-priced cosmetics are standing items that can make change for the better, giving depth and expression to the view.Mascara "Max Factor" - an excellent option for those who do not want to buy expensive products in the pursuit of fashion and luxury products, which often become frustrating for their quality.