Luxury cosmetics Gehwol

Gehwol cosmetics brand founded in 1868 by the German pharmacist Eduard Gerlach, who was then opened his first pharmacy.The pharmacy was sold cream basis which included healing component, developed by Edward, who today is the secret of the company.

most popular use protective cream for the feet, especially the soldiers of the Kaiser's army.22 years after the official registration of the pharmacy cream Gerlach was the winner in four bonuses, from the time the cream was the best way in Germany.Secret healing component was the basis for a series of cosmetics, more that you can find on the site

Brand Gehwol, is one of the best in the series of care products feet, hand skin and nails, as well as a complete line of cosmetics for the body.Cosmetics Gehwol considered elite, not only because of the secret ingredient.In the production of unique cosmetic uses only natural ingredients, which are considered the best modern cosmetologists all over the world: jojoba oil, wheat germ, avocado, natu

ral fats, a unique blend of essential oils, medical soaps, allantoin, algae extracts and herbs, vitamin E, zinc oxide, and manyOther components that beneficially affect the skin.The secret of success of professional cosmetics Body Gehwol, is the use of high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials, the latest technologies used in the production, quality control.Specialists of the company for more than a half century carefully monitor the needs of consumers.The best German scientists are developing a new cream, given the recent discoveries and implement them in production.

Series cosmetics Gehwol, appreciated by professionals, it is widely used in beauty salons, SPA salons, due to the high efficiency of cosmetics.Not looking for the highest quality, the elite series of cosmetics, it is much more affordable among peers and has won wide popularity.

The company occupies a leading position on the world market in the production of the most effective ways to care for your feet.Taking into account all the needs of modern man.I especially want to note a series of "Professional Gevol" (series consists of three components: nail glue, exfoliating paste, corn liquor), which is no analogues in the world market.Means companies are able to solve almost medical problems customers: fatigue and swelling of the legs, improves circulation, solve the problem of sticking out of the joints, clean the skin and can even stop cold.