Musk - what is it?

One of the most popular components is the musk perfume.However, in the majority of fragrances to date in its natural form it is not present because of its high cost.It is replaced by an artificial, which, though inferior to many criteria the true substance, but it has a lot of perfume properties.

Musk - what is it?

Musk - a fragrance, has specific strong odor, which is produced strongly odorous glands of some animals (eg, beaver or deer musk deer), or contained in the roots of specific plants.Under natural conditions, it is used by animals to mark "their" territory or to attract individual of the opposite sex for mating.Currently, this substance is very widely used in the perfumery industry as well as in a curative and prophylactic agent.It has a fixing and ennobling effect on any flavor and is a strong aphrodisiac and a natural pheromone.

history of getting musk

When were identified properties of the substance, and it came on the market demand for the perfume industry, it began to actively prod

uce.Initially, the main source to obtain it served as iron deer musk, and for the production of only one kilogram of musk was required to kill 40 animals.Because of such a massacre of deer, their population began to decline rapidly, and perhaps they could disappear altogether from the face of the earth, but in 1980 a ban on hunting and the destruction of this type of animal.

What now receiving musk

however abandon acquired such a high popularity means it was impossible.Therefore began to produce synthetic musk.What it is?The basis of this matter lay down chemical component - nitroglycerin.Later, however, it has been established toxicity of the compound, and in this way the production of musk banned.But scientists did not stop its development and soon began receiving floral musk that is created from galbanum.He is practically no different from an animal, but does not have such sharp and exciting properties.But that is appreciated in this matter more than anything, it retains inherent naturalnumu musk softness, sensuality and warmth.This leads to its widespread use in the perfume industry.It is currently used mostly synthetic musk, which is harmless to humans and the environment.

Medicinal properties of musk

Musk - what it is: a drug or cosmetic product?After the substance has medicinal properties essential and very valuable qualities.It is able to act fully in the entire human body, strengthen the immune system, enhance the body's defenses, improve capillary blood supply vessels, clean the bronchi, lungs, normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract.In cosmetology Musk also finds its application as capable to improve skin turgor and smooth wrinkles.Originally, musk used mainly as an aphrodisiac in cases of decline of cardiac activity.This material is able to provide a stimulating effect on the nervous all education, so the validity of its application in disorders of the heart is quite natural.

Musk also can be used as an anticonvulsant, especially spasm of the glottis, and whooping cough.He finds its application in dentistry - when you add in the tooth powders, they gain the ability for a long time to eliminate bad breath.Today, its use in medicine is not as popular as before, because there are many other medicines used to treat the same disease and has a lower cost.The substance is very widely used in perfumery, as the smell of musk is very unique and special.

musk in the perfume industry

basic property of matter (the aroma of musk) is used in the perfume industry, in most cases, in the production of expensive perfume, the smell of clamps or as natural perfumes, aphrodisiacs (attractants).Many perfume manufacturers use a combination of several different species of musk in the basic formula of all flavor, in order to more reliably recreate the original smell of the natural natural component.

Black and white musk - what is it?

can now be found in various sources mention two kinds of substances - black and white.Black called musk oil, which is obtained from the glands of male musk deer.To date, the process of production of the substance is different humanity.Iron is not damaged during the procedure and the animal does not feel pain.The smell of black musk different astringency, harshness with a touch of animal shade.

special kind of substance is a white musk.This name was given not because of their color, but because most of fresh, pure and delicate flavor, which is comparable with the smell except that children's skin.It is more thinned, refinement and elegant, but not so hot and sexy, like black.If the shade of the usual odor of musk is acceptable only for the evening, sensual aromas, the white is widely used in perfume compositions intended for routine, daily use.

Masterpieces of perfume with musk

There are many well-known perfumes, which was used musk.Its use in this capacity leads to higher price of spirits.A very large number of selective fragrances with notes of white musk, offering well-known manufacturers.This component is added to both women and men in the composition.These fragrances have a well-defined properties.Men are able to give confidence, sex appeal and some brutality to women as they add more sensuality and tenderness.

white musk in perfumes used in the following well-known perfume compositions from M. Micallef flavor «Ananda» fruit, citrus and musk notes, «Ananda Parfum» with floral notes, «Automne» with wood-spicy nuances of flavor;fragrance of Montale «Aoud Blossom» with East citrus notes, «Ginger Musk» with spicy hints of the East, «White Musk» - the quintessence of white musk;by Serge Lutens composition «Clair de Musc», filled with a delicate aroma of white musk, and many others.

Each created on the basis of musk fragrance is a unique composition, based on all sorts of nuances and aspects of such broad concepts as "musk".