Deshele: premium cosmetics

Cosmetic Business is literally overflowing with all kinds of care products.Every company that comes to the world level tries to surprise and bring innovations in the beauty industry.About according to this principle is gaining its place under the sun and the company deshele.

little history

deshele is an international manufacturer of cosmetics.It izrailko-French company, which in a short time of its existence has become quite popular among the customers of the premium segment.

Cosmetics deshele it considered cosmetics a new level, in that the main difference from its competitors.The composition of assets includes components that have a positive effect on the skin and have a strong restorative effect.

Cosmetics Ingredients deshele

developers of cosmetic products of the company can be proud of their achievements as part of the assets consists of Dead Sea minerals, active herbal extracts, valuable oil and they are known, are the basis for the proper care of the face and body.

Many will notice that

these characteristics, there are other cosmetic companies competing.But in this case, it is worth noting that in deshele not using hormone components that are addictive and synthetic additives, that is a natural everyday care.

How to choose makeup

course deshele has several series, which are designed for young and mature skin, as well as the range of products for intensive care in stressful situations.

In addition, cosmetic experts of the company have developed a means for men.

from a wide range of sometimes difficult to choose what is right for you.Naturally, there is a need to focus on skin type and individual problems (for example, dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation), but if you fall a unique chance to get expert advice and test the products, it is twice as nice.Such services provide deshele salons.Here you can choose the daily care under the strict supervision of the doctor-dermatologist undergo spa treatment, as well as to diagnose the skin using a special computer equipment.In addition to these services, you can buy your favorite tools, and products that give maximum effect to your skin exactly.

Where else can you buy cosmetics

deshele company refused to sell in pharmacies and boutiques, to avoid fraud and to control the quality continuously.Because buy cosmetics Israeli-French company is possible only in special brand stores.