"La-Kri" (cream): customer reviews, instructions and prices

skin - cover to protect the body from the adverse effects of the environment.
most suffering from aggressive external factors, pathogenic bacteria, chemicals, mechanical damage to delicate and sensitive children's and women's skin.The result is redness, itching, burning, inflammation and rashes.These symptoms are not only delivering severe discomfort, but also spoil the beauty of the female body.

to protect the skin from these effects and restore already damaged skin Russian pharmaceutical company "JSC Varteks" has released the "La-Kri" (cream).Reviews of consumers and professional presentation of the drug are presented below.

Description of the drug: the consistency, smell, color

cream itself is light, delicate, not greasy.It is well absorbed after application does not leave the skin feeling of the film.Color is pale brown, due to the high concentration of the content of plant components.Natural plant extracts cream give specific spicy herbal aroma.

active components and their effects on the

investigate in more detail, "La-Kri" (cream).Instructions for its application contains information on the chemical composition of the drug, which comprises:

  • Licorice extract (1%).It has anti-allergic effect, reduces inflammation.Envelops the damaged area of ​​the skin, protecting it from the adverse effects of external factors.
  • Bisabolol (0,2%).It is the active ingredient of chamomile drug.Well reduces inflammation, itching and burning.It is a vehicle for the other components.
  • violet extract (0,2%).Very well it removes virtually all types of allergies.It soothes irritated skin.
  • extract succession (0,05%).At the same time heals wounds, kills harmful microbes.Relieves unpleasant burning and itching.The ability of the extract to improve absorbability associated components increases the efficiency of the preparation as a whole.
  • Pantenol (5%).It promotes skin regeneration.It nourishes and moisturizes.
  • Avocado oil (3%).Effectively isolates rashes and eczema.Restores the skin.It softens the skin.
  • extract walnut (0,7%).Thanks to his presence cream has anti-microbial effect, being both non-toxic to the skin and mucous membranes.

chemical composition suggests naturalness "La-Kri".The cream has its analogs, are drugs "Gistan" "Desitin" "Pantoderm" "Bepanten" "De-Panthenol" "Muster Stelatopiya".These funds do not contain hormones and are adapted for the delicate skin of babies.However, before their primeneneniem should carefully review the summary, consult a pediatrician and try the cream on a small area of ​​skin to assess the possible allergic reactions.

For what purposes applies cream

Eliminating allergies, diathesis, eczema, various skin rash, dermatitis, diaper rash, the healing of minor injuries, removing redness and itching, including insect bites - is the application of the creamfor therapeutic purposes.

in cosmetology for the preparation is used to eliminate dry skin, its moisture and nutrition.The reducing effect of the components has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect.

very good, if travelers will be in the medicine cabinet is "La-Kri" (cream).Reviews indicate that the facility copes with sunburn.

can use "La-Kri" for the children?

Pharmacists, manufacturers claim that it is possible to use the cream "La-Kri" for the newborn.In the treatment of diaper rash, allergies and irritation delicate baby skin are advised to grease 1-2 times a day.Do not apply it under the diapers as an undesirable thermal effects.

Many mothers say that cream leaves faint traces on diapers and baby clothes.But dirt easily washed.

Application agents during pregnancy and lactation

hormonal changes the body of women during pregnancy is often the cause peeling, itching, redness and rashes on the body, especially in the abdomen, legs, elbows and face.Can develop sensitivity to various chemical elements or food, even usual.All this may provoke allergic reactions, exacerbation of dermatitis.

woman in the position needs a very careful selection of drugs.Although the cream "La-Kri" Pregnancy and breast-feeding instruction to use is not prohibited, the final verdict on the safety and feasibility of the drug the doctor should do.


For the majority of customers the use of this means is obvious: allergy passes quickly disappear symptoms such as burning and itching, redness and swelling is removed.Injuries heal pretty quickly.Dry your skin becomes smooth and elastic, it looks very nice.But there are people who criticize the "La-Kri" (cream).

reviews, of course, should not be a major factor in the issue of deciding whether or not to use the tool.Especially if the means of a number of pharmacological agents.It is important to expert opinion and thorough examination of the summary by the patient in order to identify the components, for which there is an individual intolerance.

Methods of application

necessary to squeeze the cream from a tube on the finger in a small amount.A thin layer applied to the problem area of ​​the skin with light circular movements.The product has a light airy texture, non-greasy, so no problems and is quickly absorbed.

because of the characteristic color can leave subtle traces on the clothes, which are easily removed by conventional washing agents.

Apply "La-Kri" (cream), specialists' references about which positive optimal twice a day until complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms and restore the skin.Since the cream does not contain hormones, it is suitable for a single use (e.g., mosquito bites), and for long-term application (e.g., in the treatment of sunburn).

contraindications to the use of this drug has not been established.An exception can be individual intolerance of any of the constituent components.

release form and prices

This drug is available in aluminum tubes weighing '30 can be stored at room temperature for 2 years.The pharmacy is available without a prescription.

"La-Kri" (cream), the instruction, the price indicated on the packaging, is already up to 200 rubles.Pleasure is not cheap.Especially considering that 1 tube contains only 30 g of cream.This cost price is composed primarily of costly natural ingredients.Naturalness cream and its beneficial effect on skin health pays for the financial cost.