Glitter - what it is and why it is necessary.

Many of the concepts introduced in our lives and now suddenly vocabulary of many people appearing on the pages of magazines, it is not understood by most and require detailed explanations.As for this and the next fashion, but not very clear words.Those who came from the fashion industry Glitters - what is it?Just an unfamiliar word, until you see it in writing.Glitter - English verb literally means "to shine, sparkle, sparkle."In the Russian language the word it is not a verb.Now called glitter sparkles chemical origin, used in cosmetics, the production of fabrics, colors and printing - in short, wherever needed shine and brightness.

little history

quest for beauty - the oldest stimulus for the development of mankind.In nature, there are many wonderful that man has always wanted to try on, to be better, to stand out and attract the attention of fellow tribesmen.That's some kind of old lady, only to learn to express their thoughts in words, to cook on a fire and wash with warm water and watched eve

r, such as the flight of a dragonfly.He watched as the sun shimmers, reflecting its extraordinary wings and decided to cut the dragonfly stone knife, in order to beautify your face a beautiful luster.Then came the first Glitters.We know that throughout the history of mankind used various materials to decorate the pictures, clothes and bodies of men shine, reflect sunlight or light a fire, turning into a magic right before your eyes.For the purposes of using stone dust, glass, plants, mica and even fish scales and snakes.

have passed since the Millennium, in our life has changed everything except the desire for beauty and for being different of the human race.And today there Glitters.What it is?It's the same opportunity to become a little better in appearance to adorn themselves.Just today, sequins made a very different way.Thanks to technological advances managed to get a variety of shiny substance chemically.

What is the glitter?

glitter common definition states that it is particles of chopped polyester films of all shapes and colors, small size.Meet the little sparkles can be almost anywhere, especially where the welcome embellishment.Here in the women's handbag, for example, Glitter big set.The eye shadow, in nail polish and even lipstick.In general, the appearance of these particles in their new form brought the cosmetic industry to a whole new level.For example, appeared not so long ago glitter nail allowed women to build on the endings of his fingers the whole work of art, without which it is now impossible to imagine a modern representative of the weak and the beautiful half of humanity.

Use glitter and other methods of decorating the human body.So, now very popular glitter tattoos, made with the help of colors with splashes of sequins.Such tattoos look particularly and completely.Due to the reflective particles can not create a stereo effect, and it really makes a strong impression.

convenient application

widespread glitter due to their properties.In addition to all the external attractive features, these particles do not dissolve in water, are exposed to many chemicals, and even the sun's rays can not harm them.Very durable and resistant connection allows to use the original glitters even in industries that do not do without the exposure to very high temperatures.Even candles make Glitter applying for that Glitters.With this innovation has brought into our life?It turns out that because of these particles have a great many opportunities to dream, imagine and realize their wildest imaginations.

Element Beauty

Beauty attracts everyone and makes do.Without realizing it, we spend a lot of time trying to look their best, and do it, and decorate themselves and their lives in every way possible.So it has been and will be.Glitters And, what is it?Only one of such methods.