Chypre scents - an original perfume line

word "chypre" took its origin from the French island of Cyprus - Chipre.The same name gave the French perfumer Coty Franco one flavor in the early twentieth century.It was the smell gave a new direction of development of the art of perfumery, referred to as chypre fragrances.

It is the memory of the ancient legend of Cyprus.According to ancient legend, the island of the goddess of love was born a great Venus.And just in the same area grows a specific variety of oak moss, which has become a major component of the new works of art of perfumery.

What's that perfume?

chypre scents - a special for its beauty and originality of the line of perfume.The structure also included a perfume scented fragrance of jasmine and roses, fresh lemon and bergamot, sweet cistus, sandalwood, patchouli.Combined get amazing beauty, sensuality and freshness of the original bouquet, very quickly became popular with the ladies.

development of a new direction

peak of popularity chypre fragrances reached in the fifties of

the last century.Unfortunately, the use of mossy oak in the perfume industry is prohibited, so manufacturers began to use another kind of moss - galbanum.Also actively used synthetic substitutes for natural flavors.Alas, return the original charm of the legendary perfume is still not possible to anybody.

Description flavors in the classic version

traditional chypre recognized truly masculine fragrance.It is characterized by a feeling of freshness, dryness and restraint.The basis of the men's perfumes are chypre scents of fresh leather and wood.

chypre scents - a multi-faceted scents of autumn rains in the forest.The classic version is very bright shade stands of moist earth and wood, diluted fresh citrus aroma.Today palette of smells of the group has increased considerably, which required an entire classification of this area.It should be noted that the new, modern perfumes designed and manufactured equally to men and women.

chypre perfume and fragrances for women

first followers Kochi concluded that a combination of moss-citrus mix with fruit shades can provide unexpectedly excellent result.All chypre fragrance for women have been established on the basis of a classical performance.

Among the long list for a long time became known perfumes "Mitsuko", "Crystal" Chanel "and Diorella Diorama" by Dior.More modern fruity notes are embodied in the "Things Deck" by Nina Ricci, "Fendi" Fendi.


floral chypre, different holidays and solar fragrances include its group classic perfume "Chanel Crystal", "Diorella" Dior, Paloma Picasso.Ageless "Red Moscow" also belongs to the category of chypre, floral aromas that drove crazy even our grandmothers.

The band joined the newly emerging "Yochi Essential" by Yochi Yamamoto.They mossy base softened light bouquet carnations, daisies, white roses, iris and lime color.

Skin chypre scents - is not only a feature of the men's fragrance.Excellent combination of natural colors are emphasized in "Miss Belmeyn" from Belmeyn, "Perfume de Pew" (the smell of leather) from the designer Claude Montana.

Group aromatic perfume includes a list of scents created exclusively for men.This perfume "New West" Armani, "Sander pho Man" from Jil Sander.Cologne "Coriolanus" was so named after the Roman commander.Typical notes of sandalwood, coupled with bergamot and coriander underscore the courage and generosity of the strong half of humanity.

chypre green

Such odors are always relevant because they exude a scent of fresh cut grass and young.Songs include aromas of violet, hyacinth, lavender and rosemary.Shades of these smells are particularly easy and unobtrusive.Among them, "Fiji", "Chanel" number 19, "Gio" by Armani, "Green Tea" by Arden.

Description aromas of spicy perfume group includes rich shades of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lavender and clove.Known representatives of direction "Coco" Chanel, "KL" by Karl Lagerfeld, "Coco Mademoiselle" Chanel.

Oceanic compositions were born in the nineties of the past century.This fashion line, exuding aromas of fresh water element, the ozone smell after a thunderstorm.They confidently joined by new shades smells of watermelon, cucumber, grape, lily.Typical representatives - "Ocean Dream", "Kenzo", "Acqua di Gio", "Ozone".

amber shades are also called Eastern or oriental, because they have a distinctive spicy fragrance.Of all types of spirits, this category is the most severe.The basis for her flavors are vanilla, musk, spices, exotic plants.An example of amber fragrances are "Organza", "Opium", "Coco," "Angel."

Certain combinations of oriental scents with some floral or fruity notes of incense give lightness and freshness.


closest to the classic shades chypre - woody smells.Among them, mainly men's fragrance.Pronounced scent of sandalwood, rose bush, cedar and patchouli is the hallmark represented direction.Typical representatives of the line - "Pasha", "Wang Meng Shou", "Herer pho Men", "Safari", "Trussardi Fresh."