Eau de Toilette or Eau - which is better?

well-chosen perfume - an important part of the image of any person.In today's world to his special requirements.The aroma should express the essence of nature, the owner, combined with his personal scent, impress the representatives of the opposite sex, and so on.By creating a unique bouquet of fragrances, the perfumer goes through years of jars with essences.Then compositions are marketed as perfumes, colognes, toilet waters and perfumed.With regard to the first two types of perfumes generally doubt arises.The situation is different in the case of other scented products."Eau de Toilette or Eau - which is better?"- Asks the inquiring buyer.The answer to this question you will get in this article.

Terminology The term "toilet water" invented in the XIX century in France.This type of perfume is made on the basis of a water-alcohol solution of herbal tea blends and fragrances designed for flavoring of the body.Perfumed toilet water also referred to as perfume.It is used during the day and does not ir

ritate the surrounding saturated or pungent odor.This flavoring agent is an optimal balance of price and quality, and is the most popular perfumes today.

Ingredients Product

toilette or eau de parfum - which is better?Let's try to understand the composition of the selected product.Any type of perfume is composed of an alcohol extract fragrant oils, distilled water, dye, and differs from the other only percentages of components.As part of the eau de toilette contains 5-10% of essential oils by 80-90% alcohol.Perfume has a strong flavor.This is because the concentration of fragrant extract it reaches 10-20% at 90% alcohol.

Detection of flavor

All flavors layered.They usually have three stages of detection.The upper (initial) notes appear at the opening of the bottle and keep in a pure form for about 10 minutes.They generally consist of rapidly evaporating fragrant materials: herbal or citrus notes.Then comes the turn, middle notes, or "music of the heart."They consist of more resistant to evaporation of essential oils, therefore last longer on the skin.The most recent final manifest, or base notes.They remain on the skin for longer and do not change just before the complete disappearance of the odor.Eau de Toilette or Eau - which is better?The first will provide you with only a slight plume of flavor, while the second will wrap fragrant cloud.


Since the concentration of fragrant essential oils in perfumed water more, and held it for much longer.It does not require repeated application during the day.Best Perfume keeps on hair and skin for up to seven hours.In toilet water thinner and lighter scent that evaporates within two to three hours.To maintain the effect need to apply perfume again.Persistence of flavor depends on the individual characteristics of the human body.For different people the same perfume not only hold different amounts of time, but also will smell differently.


Eau de Toilette is designed for everyday use.Its lightweight low-key flavor is perfect for use at work, summer walks, sports, shopping.If you are waiting for the release of the gala, and you wear a dress for special occasions, should be preferred perfumed water or spirits.However, many contemporary manufacturers do not consider it necessary or possible to produce their products in a classic perfume, eau de parfum so - obvious choice.Only properly selected fragrance will emphasize the sophistication and elegance of your image.Eau de Toilette or Eau - which is better?It depends on how relevant will be your perfume in a given situation.

release form

vials of perfumed water, usually equipped with spray paint guns, which allow to evenly distribute the flavor of the body in sufficient quantity.Eau de Toilette has a subtle and volatile odor, so available as a spray, and without it.Both types of perfumes on the market in a very wide range.Most manufacturers produce the same flavor in a less concentrated form, ie in the form and perfumed, and toilet water.The latter is represented in packages of different volumes (100, 75, 50, 30 ml).

Men's fragrance Perfume

for a strong half of mankind for the first time produced in France during the reign of Napoleon.One great commander said that a man should not smell like a woman, and quick-witted French perfumers immediately invented spirits that did not have fruit and floral notes.The modern fragrances for men are usually in the form of toilet water or cologne.This is due to the fact that the proportion of the aromatic extract in them, and so sufficiently high odor lasts a long time and remains stable for a long time.Eau de toilette for men is represented mainly wood, herbal or citrus notes.Every self-respecting modern gentleman must choose a stylish and elegant fragrance that is suitable to its image.


Eau de Toilette or Eau - which is better?This question everyone must answer for himself.Eau de toilette is in great demand because of the affordable prices and diversity of formats issue.Certainly, this kind of perfumes has disadvantages: it is consumed more quickly, the smell is considered less interesting.However, for everyday use in normal circumstances toilet water - ideal.Perfume is for special occasions.This product has undeniable advantages: an optimal balance of price and quality, more convenient to use and transport (spray-spray) form of issuance and reasonable price.For example, the eau de parfum "Chanel" combines all these advantages, its unique flavor is characterized by sophistication and elegance.