Lip Tint - what is it?

Preparing for summer vacation - it's not just buying milk for sunbathing, a new bathing suit and stylish sunglasses.First of all the young women of fashion is to take care of color cosmetics that do not "flow" immediately after leaving the beach.Most recently, the beauty market, a new product that meets the most demanding requirements - TINT lip.What is it?Many of the fair sex are interested in innovation.We will try to answer all questions related to the emergence of the new items in the world of beauty and fashion.

What TINT lip?

Manufacturers lipstick for a long time thinking about how to create a tool that will be held all day and at the same time take care of the delicate skin of the lips?In anticipation of the summer, this question becomes particularly relevant.Thus was created a marker, or TINT lip."What is it?" - Asked many of you.Tint - is resistant coloring pigment, which is quickly absorbed into the skin of the lips, making them juicy, bright and seductive.On the skin it lasts long enoug

h, the color during the day does not lose intensity, so no need to tint the lips constantly.It produced a product in the form of small vials with content in the form of a jelly or liquid with a brush.Externally very similar to lip gloss.Some cosmetic brands produce Tinta as markers or crayons.Plus such manufacturing precision coating pigment.This is important, as the paint is absorbed quickly, and fix the problem it is sometimes quite difficult.


  • resistance.The product is not afraid of water.In the sun it as lipstick, does not flow and is the ideal stay on the lips throughout the day.You can eat, kiss - the color will remain in place.Going to a cafe or at a party, you can be sure that on the plates and wine glasses no trace.A truly indispensable hot summer day will be for girls TINT lip.Reviews say that many prefer it lipstick or gloss, especially on vacation.
  • Many cosmetic concerns produce Tinta with a complex caring substances and UV-filters.This ensures full care of the delicate skin of the lips.

  • Marker perfectly fits.Lips all day seem bright, juicy, plump, but at the same time look natural.Color means even the most brilliant, is as close to natural.
  • versatility.Tint can be used as water-resistant paint.
  • Easy application.You do not need any special skills to tint the lips.Bottles for convenience equipped with a brush for application, or a felt applicator, if the product comes in the form of a pencil.
  • You can adjust the brightness of the color.The first layer - the lips look naturally only underlined their natural shade.The second layer - to create a bright image, which would be relevant both at work and in everyday life.The third layer - and fatal beauty in front of us, ready to be released on.
  • lots of different colors, among which every girl will find the best for yourself.Initially, manufacturers of cosmetics manufactured products in only two or three colors.But seeing that the demand for marks is growing, they have expanded the palette of shades.Now, many well-known cosmetic brands are means in dozens of different colors.
  • It is not felt on the lips.No slipping and spreads like lipstick.

Cons The biggest drawback means that it dries the mouth.Manufacturers claim markers that are added to the composition of the products Vitamins, caring oils and various wetting agents.But, apparently, this is not enough.In his comments, many women cite the lack of funds.Have the product is another negative.Here we must remember that this TINT lip.It is, in fact, water-resistant lipstick.The pigment absorbs quickly into the skin after application.Color stability is, of course, good.But if you make a mistake with the embellishment, the correct line of the lips is quite problematic.In this case it is necessary to take special marker milk and water, and then apply it again.If you make a mistake the second time, after coloring the lips will look sloppy already.

How to use?

  • Remove dead skin cells from the skin of the lips with a special scrub.This is to ensure that the color went smoother.After all the cracks and defects of the skin of the lips after applying the marker will be more noticeable.
  • sponzhikom or brush tool to put a dot, and then quickly rubbed fingertips over the surface.Speed ​​is very important here, because TINT is quickly absorbed, so that the lips were painted uniformly, you instantly distribute it across the surface of the lips.Top
  • can cause hygienic lipstick, gloss or balm, but you can do without them.The color and it will be bright and juicy.

And now about how to remove a makeover.Simple water will not be removed from mouth Tinto.Reviews of women say that many of them are used for these purposes or a special lotion to remove makeup or micellar water.Simply apply with a cotton pad means to the skin, rub and rinse it.After removing the marker is recommended to lubricate the lip balm.

few tips

  • Before applying the marker to circle recommended lip contour pencil.In this case, the coloration is more accurate, without the "error."
  • After removing resistant makeup should be applied daily to the lip balm or chapstick.If these products to use before staining marker, the color stability is decreased in the last two times.
  • After applying Tinta hands should immediately be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap.Otherwise its color will appear on the skin and will last up to two days.
  • If the skin of the lips chapped, flaky, that the use of Tinto is better to refuse.
  • Before applying the product vial is recommended shake well.

difference of lipstick and gloss

What is special about this product?The marker is different from the lipstick or gloss, because it only looks like them?The main feature of Tinta - is consistency.As a rule, it is a liquid.Gentle light texture allows you to stay facility unnoticed on his lips.The marker does not roll as hard lipstick, and does not spread like shine.Easy and simple TINT can be applied to the lips.At home, it does it will not be difficult, because the vehicle is equipped with a brush or applicator for precision coloring.

review of the best brands

  • color pigment lip TONY MOLY Korean production.Apply with a brush.Bottle itself looks as though it could be confused with nail polish.It is a liquid, like water lapped.Available in two shades: "apple" and "cherries".
  • Marker Maybelline different democratic price and availability in stores.Berry pleasant aroma.Color turns flat, coming off without spots.Malostoyky.Very dry lips and little nips at coloring.
  • Tint Lip Essence is applied with a flat sponge.The texture of the gel, liquid, but does not spread TINT.Fragrance lasting, sweet, berry.Available in two colors.Lasts 2 hours or more.
  • Marker LumeneLingonberryLastingLipStain & amp; Balm double action: on the one hand - colored pigment, on the other - a clear balm to moisturize the skin of the lips.Saturated Color, goes smoothly.The smell is light and pleasant.When applied not sting.
  • Tint Lip Benefit is unobtrusive pleasant smell.Apply with a brush-like sheen.Very liquid.The taste is bitter.Tube glass, so to guess the color easily.Steadfast.
  • New from Rimmel RimmelLastingFinish 1000 Kisses certainly appeal to many girls.As a marker of Lumene, there is a balm that soothes the delicate skin of the lips.Very gentle, natural shades.Color goes smoothly, without spots.It has a light, slightly "chemical" smell.

Reviews Women

Many women are already familiar with the new product - TINT lip.What is it interested in girls who want to try it and not to lose a goal.In the opinion of our beauties it can be seen that they value the product for its color stability.But many people confuse this product is a big disadvantage: it is very dry skin of the lips.Even the most popular brands, such as Benefit, this sin.Manufacturers of this claim cosmetics that color pigments are held in an average of 6 hours.In fact, it appears that their effect is limited to two hours.This becomes clear from the comments of the majority of consumers.If we talk about brands, many women prefer Tony Moly, Holika-holika, Max Factor and others.

So we found out that him is TINT lip.What is it?How to use it?What brand to choose?We hope that the answers to these questions can be found in our article.