Smart crystals DeSheli for beauty and youth

In 2008, the Russian market has been a revolution - there was an interesting and new brand deshele."Smart crystals" - the latest development of biotechnology it is the basis of the unique makeup.

Timely women leave only positive feedback about the products example, because after use, in a short time significantly reducing the aging process.The reason is that the particles are produced from sucrose through the lattice information stored in itself almost a hundred years.Smart crystals convey to the skin all the unique properties of the composition and take effect immediately.Fifteen years

tested these crystals, scientists better laboratories and only recently began to be used in cosmetology.

smart, or as they are called, unique crystals became the nucleus of the Israeli cosmetics aimed at strengthening immunity and recovery properties of the skin.The whole point of this innovation is the development of bioinformatics in charged particles of the desired info

rmation.These particles are transferred to the cosmetics DeSheli.

So what is the uniqueness of cosmetics?Set deshele consists of cosmetic products aimed primarily at slowing the aging process.The kit includes tools for cleaning the skin, its nutrition and hydration.Cosmetics fights and makes up for the shortcomings of the skin.With cosmetic milk, you can remove even the most resistant to washing off makeup.For thorough cleaning of deep then you can use a delicate scrub.Special mud mask is aimed to give the skin smoothness and elasticity.Phyto tonic supports the skin's moisture balance, while narrowing the pores.

In a set of cosmetics deshele has Kliaton unit.Photon-ultrasonic device works by light waves that affect the skin in combination with liposomal gel active influence.

deshele Israeli company that developed an innovative program of skin care, take care not only about beautiful ladies.For the representatives of the strong half of the world, it was released on his own cosmetics.It has all that is required modern man: gels for bathing, hair, to wash, deodorants, creams, shampoos, and most importantly - to strengthen hair serum.

not to go and not to choose cosmetic products for skin care, you need to purchase one set deshele, which will not only help preserve the appearance of attractive, but also serve a long time, which means you can save on funds.