Tint Lip: where to buy, how to use?

desire of the fair sex to be always attractive, perhaps, absorbed with their mother's milk.What tricks do not go to the young lady to please men with their beauty and annoy the other women!Using makeup, girls are not only skillfully highlight its beauty, but also hide flaws.And cosmetic industry, indulging the desires of beautiful women and earning it millions, produces more and more new products - some better than others.And this part of the female sex face, like sponges, given special attention.In this article, we will focus on the new wonder drug called Tinto.In English the word means "tinting, shading '.This cosmetic product to its name.What TINT, first learned Korean women.It's - the invention of the cosmetic companies.Everyone knows the love of Koreans to the naturalness, in this with them, few can match.For a long time it is a wonderful tool was available only Asian fashionistas.But now TINT lip (photos presented in the article) is popular all over the world, and many cosmetic brands have in the

ir arsenal such products.

What TINT lip

Probably hard to find a woman who did not use lipstick or lip gloss, and therefore knows first hand about some of the shortcomings of these funds.And the most important of them - the instability, especially lipgloss.So all morning to make beautiful makeup, come to work, drink a cup of coffee with colleagues - all: lipstick on lips is gone, but on the cup adorned bright trace ... A trifle, and unpleasant.It is also annoying you?In this case, you should pay attention to the TINT lip.This wonderful tool has appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to win the love and recognition of the fair sex.Those women who are not familiar with this product, you should definitely try it.Tint - a pigment for coloring the lips, which is not washed off in the water treatment, eating and, importantly, by kissing.This is a great alternative to a painful and expensive procedures like permanent makeup.Tint Lip each application, more and more absorbed by the skin, becoming repeatedly brighter.Plain water (even soap) wash it will not work, it is necessary to purchase a special agent, or else wait for the epidermis sluschitsya lips.After application of the tool creates the effect of lips to kiss.Despite the fact that in a bottle TINT lip looks bright, when applied, it looks very natural.But it is necessary to consider that in the shade of a tube may not match the color on the lips.Therefore, if the store has the opportunity to test the tool, be sure to use this service.To do this, apply a little makeup on the inside of the lower lip, and then use your fingers to blend over the entire surface.

composition miracle means

The structure of this facility includes a coloring pigment that penetrates deep into the skin, hence such resistance.Tint Lip, which was issued a few years ago, pretty much dried their delicate skin.Therefore it is necessary to always use a balm or hygienic lipstick.Now Tinta not only give the lips a natural, seductive, and most importantly - lasting color, but also take care of them.This tool is made of water-based or helium.Therefore, it is more evenly rests on the lip.As the pigment can be a synthetic or natural substance.Also includes nutritional oils such as jojoba oil, shea butter and almond.And vitamins C and E. Most Tinto include moisturizers, sunscreens, as well as extracts of aloe vera, chamomile and other herbs.Therefore, using the coloring pigment, you also uhazhivatete of his lips.The tool is very cost-effective, it lacks a long time, even with constant use.

What happens TINT lip

release it in the form of conventional lipsticks, glosses (with a felt brush) and balms.There are also liquid funds bottle which resembles a tube of paint, there is even a brush - like a normal nail polish.In addition, you can either apply TINT fingers or the proposed devices, such as a spatula.It should be noted, if you do not want to lip color was too bright, it is best to allocate this tool with your fingers.

Methods of application Tinta

Before you apply the pigment, it is imperative to carry out a simple procedure.It is important that your lips are perfectly smooth.In order to remove the dead skin, rub them carefully with a toothbrush or sponge for washing.You can also use a soft flannel napkin.Then apply the usual balm, and wait a little bit to means well absorbed.After carefully layer by layer (depending on what you want to get saturation hue) apply Tinto.As mentioned above, if you want to get a bright color, use a brush or spatula, otherwise, use your fingers.Before applying the color pigment can be cut around the lip pencil in tone, but if you want to make look natural, it is better to do without him.After applying the colorant wait until it has thoroughly absorbed and dried up.Tint gives matte effect, for lovers of glossy lips need to impose a top colorless shine.All - a la "to kiss lips" ready!Also, prior to the application of cosmetic products can be a little powder lips and then apply your favorite lipstick.But this is an amateur.In Asian countries, it is fashionable to tint only lip - so creates the effect bitten lips.

Pros and cons

As with any cosmetic product, TINT lip has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages include the following:

  • lasting color that persists throughout the day, even when you eat, drink or kissing;
  • with each application sponge, more vivid;
  • is very stylish and comfortable cosmetics;
  • when used properly, means you get exactly the shade dreamed of;
  • color can vary from saturated to the lung;
  • tube of paint enough time.


  • beginners very difficult to apply TINT on the lips, especially if you do not have aids, such as balm, gloss, lip scrub;
  • with him easily, so to speak, to overdo it, which, in turn, is very hard to fix;
  • not fit problem and flaky lips;
  • some Tinto rather unpleasant smell and color.

Where to buy?

If you are interested in this product, it will undoubtedly have a question: "Where to find this wonderful tool?".So, TINT lip can be bought in large cosmetic stores.Unfortunately, in Russia, this tool is not yet widespread, so you have to run.However, one can give a tip.You can choose Tinta Lip "Letual" - a network of shops is fairly well known in our country.You can also make an order through specialized websites.It is in the vast web you'll find a huge variety of shades of funds.If not so long ago, the color range has been quite meager, but today this problem is not there, you'll find Tinta boldest colors.The only disadvantage of online order - you will not be able to test the first pigment.Because choosing TINT for the first time, better to choose more conservative, calm tones.


Tint Lip can buy both in a democratic price, and quite expensive.Price varies from two hundred to three thousand rubles.It all depends on the company, the country of manufacture, as well as the composition of the funds.Tinta based on natural pigments, oils and vitamins, naturally, are much more expensive.And usually, the product has no unpleasant chemical smell.The cheaper components of the tool, the lower the price.Of course, if there is such a possibility, it is better to buy products of known, proven brands.

Reviews shoppers

Women who have tried to use TINT instead of lipstick and gloss, mostly left admiring reviews.And not surprisingly, it's very easy: no need for the day constantly correct makeup.It creates the effect of naturalness.The only thing - perfect lipstick Tinto obtained immediately.The forums are often discussed, this means many women evince mistrust of the composition.Not dangerous if the product is health?It should be noted that the chemical component is not more harmful than any other lipstick or lip gloss.And if you buy a product known company, the risk of harmful chemical compounds in general is minimized.The young lady who decided to buy a coloring pigment lip, but confused when choosing a color, you can suggest the following: dark-skinned girl, you can safely choose bright saturated colors (cherry, fuchsia, maroon, purple), but the blonde to representatives better to choose a beige, pinkor orange tones.

Tint Lip "Benefit"

logical continuation of the theme of the previous paragraph will be vovpros of products to choose which company to satisfy us both the quality and range.Very popular among the ladies who changed lipstick on TINT, enjoys firm BENEFIT POSIETIN.Country of origin - the United States.Tint on the "Benefit" has a light consistency of helium.It consists of hyaluronic acid, which saturates the sponge moisture.The pigment is very easy to apply and lasts all day.Tube with this tool resembles a bottle of nail polish.Distribute it to your lips better finger as a brush is not very convenient to use.The disadvantage of this application - stained fingers that are difficult to wash.Also this TINT can be applied on the cheeks as blush, but the main thing here - do not get carried away, otherwise you'll have to wash off all the makeup.The cost of the product - about two thousand.

Tint Lip Tony moly

Tint Korean firm Tony moly is also very popular among our fashionistas.This means, however, less persistent - it lasts a maximum of four hours.But this is a good choice for beginners: if something goes wrong, it is possible to correct the situation as a means of easily washed off.Tint is a liquid texture that spreads easily on the lips.Apply it must be very careful not to go beyond the contour.Distribute also better finger.This pigment is not highly visible and tasteless.Slightly dry lips, but after applying moisturizing balm is an unpleasant feeling quickly passes.A very good year for you!

Tint by Essence

Tint on the German budget Essence company has a jelly-like consistency.It is easily applied with a brush elastic.This company produces Tinta four shades.At number 01 - "hot red", 02 - "cherry", 03 - "bright orange", 04 - "pink".Tint easily rests on the lips and looks beautiful, creating the impression of tattooing.It produces a light gloss effect that persists for a long time.The tool has a pleasant fruity taste and smell.Should this product about two hundred rubles.

Tint or lipstick?

answer nobody will give you, because every woman is individual.Someone will rush headlong into the maelstrom of fashion, while others will remain faithful to the old-fashioned means, perhaps, is not so perfect.But at least once you should definitely try TINT lip.Because in the heat of summer, when we now and then eat ice cream and drink refreshing cocktails, makeup will be fine.And yet, causing the product to the lips, you'll catch yourself admiring glances, not only men but also women.So try this new product it is imperative!Be always beautiful and attractive!