Advice on how to cut a man machine

Perhaps not every man visits the barber, preferring to carry out all the procedures at home on their own.Well, or by his wife, for example.In turn, the girls are wondering how a man cut machine so that both he liked, and most had to taste.There are some simple tips that can help with this problem.

How to cut machine man.General rules

First of all, will be examined with the way in which it is necessary to use a tool.See which modes are available on the machine, which nozzle.Always make sure that the tool head has been well greased with special oil.Otherwise, the machine will tear your hair and not cut.That is clearly not likely to appeal to your customer.

Remember the original hair length plays a huge role.As well as the desired result.Pre-negotiate and finite length haircuts and bangs (or its absence), and that meant whether transitions in the hair, or else it will be "under one nozzle."All these key moments to save time in the process, as well as the nerves at the end of mowing.So, before you

cut machine man, to discuss all the questions.

If he has long hair

No hair electric tools are not able to cut off very long.So if your man visited the idea to radically change her hair, prepare for the start of scissors.They have to be sharp.Buy a professional tool for this, by the way, not necessarily, because in the end hair will sostrizheny machine.However, the sharpness of scissors should not cause doubts, not to tear or pull hairs.

Lightly sprinkle the hair with water, they comb comb with medium teeth.Use scissors to remove the length so that it could "take over" the biggest packing machines.Bangs do not touch, it is better to shear off at the last moment.If you are wondering how to cut a man machine at home, you can peek inside the technology or watch tutorials for beginners male masters.This is an extreme case, if you absolutely do not believe in their own abilities.But most likely, it is not necessary, because nothing complicated in this process there.

Once the length has been removed, you can start trimming using baits.Pay attention to where and how will be used.Better to start from the back of the head and move to the top, as it is the simplest zone, allowing to get the hand.Sheared need upwards.Not ignored and the crown.Clipped it against the direction of hair growth, so that nothing is missed.

Haircut temples

When excess hair back removed, proceed to the sides.Whisky usually sheared a smaller nozzle, gently passing the area behind the ears.Pay close attention to excess hair remained.Let him come once again to hold machine, but will smooth hairstyle.In order to transition between nozzles were not so visible, hold the tool at a slight angle and not very close to the head.After the temples can be immediately cut off the excess hair on the back of the neck, if it was originally conceived.Be sure to shake the brush hairs when changing nozzles.Firstly, it will prolong the life of the tool.Secondly, the haircut will take place more evenly and smoothly.

Bang.As it cut?

There are three options: do not touch at all, use a pair of scissors, use all the same machine.If the first two are more or less just, then you need to deal with the latter.Wondering how to cut a man bang machine, remember the golden rule: it is better first to take advantage of the large nozzle than cut off all at zero.Hold the tool at an angle of 45 degrees to make it easier.If the original is too big bang, then remove the length with scissors, and then hold the machine.Slide it in gently, slightly thinning fringe.

End haircuts

you finished?Take a good look at the result.If there were any missed hairs, if anything sticks out?If not, remove the nozzle and do without edging, lining haircut.How to cut a man machine if skill is not enough?Follow this simple guide.You will succeed.If this is your first haircut, then ask, before this man sheared in the cabin, where to begin, what ends.Be careful.A tool without nozzle sharp and can cut.For example, the ear.Or the skin behind the ears.

to know how to cut a man machine, once is enough to try.The most important thing in this case - to choose a good tool.For example, thick hair can not be cut off machine with a small capacity.But such devices are indispensable for shearing children whose hairs still thin and light.Too as powerful aids are best left to professionals.Even the most budget clipper good job with their work at home.And justify the costs in just a few months with regular use.