Hate - the inability to love

hatred - a feeling of overwhelming, it does not leave space for its peaceful philanthropic opposites.Of course, the hatred has a rational component, requires constant justification, fueled by memories and inflamed fancy projections into the future.This feeling is not just affecting, but to subdue the whole mind of man.No wonder Horace referred anger, emotional hatred of the short-lived craze.

letter and spirit

Unlike anger, like a bolt of lightning short-lived state, hatred - a substance that can produce a toxic dry residue, to be immortalized in books, works of art, ritual and cult objects.Suffice it to recall, "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler, propaganda posters times of ethnic wars, which became symbols of nominal Ku Klux Klan.

Art, not only depicting but translates hatred still does not go to any comparison with disposable crafts media.It was with their assistance is programmed, cultivated and implanted in the minds of millions of people hate the idea of ​​cold steel.

Why some hate others?

ethnic hatred - a direct consequence of the clash of interests of the peoples when some self-compensated uschemlёnnoe first verbal humiliation of mind, and then - and the real disenfranchisement of others.It is by no means the other party of a healthy nationalism, but it is an essential attribute of Nazism.

Germans on the eve of Hitler's rise to power has not yet got rid of the humiliation of the nation, lost the first world war.This initially pushed to seek not so much external as internal enemies, to the differentiation of the Aryans and people with not so Nordic character, and therefore awaken in society the mood of defeatism.It called for going back to the short-lived but bloody power Führer.

nasty Denial and fear of the unknown

That what we do not do, but what is interested in someone else, often disturbing, is an unconscious protest.The point here is not even envy, and the difference in the boundaries of the permissible, imbibed with mother's milk.Irritation is the one who can not just "get around" us, but to make it unacceptable for us to process.For example, if one part of coexisting on a single area of ​​society deception "alien" quackery considered criminally inadmissible and in other justified and considered normal, curvature and strain social relations almost inevitable.

notice features of individual representatives of the people are gradually becoming a household word.For a long time Judeophobia ubiquitous inhabitant eats protest against usury, mutual support of members of the Jewish community during the replacement lucrative positions in the fields of science, art, and financial institutions.Hatred - a pot heated and more obscure topic, nedogovorёnnogo unknown.Total characteristic of secret societies, whether Masonic lodges, closed tips diasporas mafia clans or catacomb Christian congregation in the first century, from Nero to Constantine.

historical and cultural roots of mutual hostility

base on which rests the hatred - it is also the story of her those moments when motivated by religious or national hatred shed great blood.The gap between the eastern Christians and Rome did not begin with the papal scroll, laid on the altar of St. Sophia, but rapacious orgies arranged by the Crusaders in the villages "schismatics", with the looting of churches and massacres.Armenians are unlikely to feel love for the Turks, mindful of polutoramillionnom genocide against his people, seized power on the lands of the motherland, including the sacred Mount Ararat.

hatred - is, among other things, a result of tensions in the area of ​​cultural relations.Disrespect traditions and values ​​of the indigenous ethnic groups of the population leads outsiders if not war, then to the openly hostile confrontation in the political, economic, domestic coexistence.Thus, the tension between the Europeans and the Arab world is growing with the flow of migrants who do not wish to assimilate, integrate into the cultural world of the Old World.

Is tolerance antidote?

Modern theorists conflict-free world are increasingly calling for the cultivation of tolerance as a universal means of countering hatred.However, if you understand the essence of the approach advocated, it is easy to make: indifference, indifference to the manifold manifestations of living next to you can hardly eager to extinguish the fire, based on the deep-rooted causes of mutual rejection.In fact, adherents of tolerance only call for new Tolstoyism to resist evil by another, newfangled sign.

hatred towards people - this is, in fact, the sublimation of inferiority.The feeling of anger is generated pushed into the subconscious sense of inferiority, the latter is often compensated for self-aggrandizement on false, flimsy grounds.

smoldering discontent - the eternal companion of misanthropy.As the Scripture says, "The righteous all happy."That is why the antidote to hatred can serve only sensible awareness of self-esteem and work on their own shortcomings without having to search for the guilty side.

hatred - is the lack of love

loving his people will not hate other ethnic groups, but does not allow the latter to mock, humiliate, exploit, to show respect to your family neglect, arrogance, signs of imaginary superiority.

In a religious sense, hatred - it is a sin, because it is aimed at the condemnation of someone else, and not to change yourself for the better, potentially - on the infringement of the freedom of an individual.This feeling is mutually destructive, ineradicable without acquiring peace of mind, without the service of love in spite of their own passions, suspicion, old scores.

Anger, Horace called "insane" is considered in Christianity one of the seven deadly sins.In the popular saying he called "a bad counselor."Psychology describes the same phenomenon as acute painful affective state.Eliminating hatred on religious or secular ways - a necessary condition for humanity was a hope for the future without wars and internal conflicts.