How to write a letter to another exemplary structure

When you have to leave your friends, even temporarily, is human nature to be sad and to look for opportunities to talk again.E-mail helps to quickly solve the problem of delivery of the letter.However, if a friend in the army, you will have to use the regular mail.No matter how you send a letter, it must be meaningful, interesting, and encourage your friend to answer.Sometimes the recipient need special support.How to write a letter to a friend?

Do you remember?

always good to start with shared memories and impressions from the experience together.Try to choose things that are pleasing to a friend.Especially good memories of situations in which you help a friend or well proved.This is a great reason to write a friend that you really appreciate it and remember that it has a special place in your heart.

There is!

Then continue describing your life and news.Try to think in advance of at least 7-10 events that may be of interest to another.Such news is very encouraging.You can write not onl

y about his own life, but the life of the family and the city.And if you need to write a letter to a friend in the army?There should be more news.Read the news feed of their city and their made to provide as much as possible to each other, so it does not feel quite isolated.Conscripts are waiting letters.Whether it's a letter from a girl or another, they re-read it many times.If you write once a week, the soldiers will be very happy.How to write a letter to a friend that it captures the emotional?

Well, if the news will be complemented by witty and vivid personal additions.Tell us how this or that news affected your life.Check out how people comment on materials online.If you own humor is not enough, you can borrow.You can write about recently read books.

you interesting

How to write a letter to a friend?Much depends on his personality.But all the people interested in the discussion themselves.Therefore, in the third part of the letter to speculate about your friend and his character and achievements.And arguments.It captures many.And he likes it.

Good questions

How to write a letter to a friend, with whom you have not seen for a long time?In such correspondence is good to ask a lot of questions.They are needed in any case to make it easier to respond.Even more interesting - you do not the media, but a living person, and participation in the life of another in the form of questions will be very pleased.However, if you're in the army, do not ask questions about relationships with colleagues and the management - you can put soldiers of in an awkward situation, and the honest answer can not miss.It is better to ask him about the army Jokes and funny cases.It is necessary that people saw the good in his forced stay in the service.

bright future

How to write a letter to a friend, with whom you are planning to meet again?Write about the things that you can do together.Write about the upcoming fun party, paintball or gatherings in the kitchen for a cup of real coffee.Or something stronger.Tell us what your separation is not forever, and you will soon see each other.Cheerful, kind and positive letter will warm the soul and make it through the difficulties.This is especially important for a soldier in the army.Help him even a word.