Decorative bands: description and photos

you want to embellish your home?Then start with Windows, namely curtains.These accessories are immediately striking when visiting the premises.That is why they should always be accurate.But the curtains will have completed the form without the tape.Of course, sew the tape will not be difficult, but what to choose - the question is not simple.

Bands for curtains embellish the interior

decorative braid is a fabric of a particular material.She has finished the loop, which frees mistress from spending too much time on their sewing.Due to the uniform distribution of the components in the folds of curtains create the desired pattern.

braid sewn exclusively from the back side to the folded edge of the curtains.Pull the cords products that you first need to stick to the tape, you will collect the material in the folds.Their value can be adjusted according to their own preferences.At the ends of the braid strands necessarily linked.But remember, in any case they can not be cut, because before washing th

em will need to untie.This is to better clean the product.

Decorative ribbons for curtains is an indispensable piece of furniture.It gives the product a finished look and adds a bright accent in his design.She can decorate not only blind, but also pillows, blankets, and many other home furnishing items.Besides, this accessory is quite inexpensive.

often decorative tapes used in conjunction with other accessories.For example, it may be a brush or a fringe.Neither classical interior will not get a holistic appearance without this product.Also worth noting is that this beautiful item allows you to select an option in the folds of the curtain, on which the final impression of the resulting products.

Choice lace curtain

Decorative bands, photos which you can see above, combined with almost any material.Despite this, it is necessary to take into account the properties of purchased curtain fabric.Conventional synthetic tape which collects the head curtains in simple assembly, is perfect for single-colored product.But decorative braid having a cylindrical folds perfectly with heavy materials.For example, it may be a curtain made of velvet or any other of the classification.

Choosing decorative braid, pre-check the weight of the goods, as well as its flexibility, as heavy materials are going bad in the beam assembly.However, for cylindrical components of this is the fact.But the best light fabrics decorated with pleats.That is why the options are pretty much the assembly.

Where to buy ribbons for curtains?

decorative braid is available to potential consumers in specialty stores and on Internet sites.Buy a second method, you can save substantially, as there are often held different promotions and discounts.If you wish, you can contact a member of the company, which tells in detail about the model you like and, if necessary, help with the selection.