Best Winter bouquet with their hands.

Many girls dream about the wedding, with the majority wants it to be a significant event occurred in the summer.And only a few young ladies are planning to marry it in the winter, when the trees are wrapped in silver with frost, and fluffy snow covers the ground.

snowy wedding

Winter Wedding - the magic of the fairy tale "The Snow Queen": a light frost, blush on the cheeks of happy newlyweds, snow-white fur coat thrown over the shoulders of the bride and touching bouquet, warmed by the heat of the two lovers hearts ... Magic, right?Did you know that the bridal bouquet - is not just collected in a beautiful composition of flowers, but a real accessory, which is able to set the style and mood of the ceremony?

tradition from the Middle Ages

beautiful tradition, associated with the bride's bouquet, appeared a long time ago.Worried bride touted his chosen him before the ceremony, and waited with bated breath - it will take this gentle gift or not.It believes that the adoption bride wedding flowers

symbolized her consent to the marriage.

Bouquet stunt

In olden times after the wedding the bride is not discarded and zasushivat bouquet.Subsequently, he served as a kind of protection from evil spirits, and was considered a symbol of eternal love and harmony between spouses.

Later came a belief if any part of the bride dress brings happiness and fulfillment of desires - hence was born the custom of throwing a bridal bouquet to unmarried girlfriends.

word bouquet - this is not just an accessory, but a symbol that carries a lot of positive emotions.This means that the choice of color should be taken very seriously.

What to do with my friends?They're eager to catch the bride's bouquet!It's simple - buy in advance artificial bouquet, which will take over all the functions of the main flower arrangement.

Alternative florists

Florists monthly literally invent a new fashion for wedding flowers.Prices thus grow exponentially, and at times hard enough "bite".This is especially true of the winter period, when the already high cost of floral material simply did go up.What to do if the budget is limited, and want a beautiful bouquet?There is a solution - you can make a winter bridal bouquet ... yourself!Ideas for creating original compositions, you can find in this article.


Before the creation of the bouquet of your dreams, it is necessary to consider in detail not only his image, but also the style of the bride, and the whole ceremony as a whole.Remember - what a bunch - a kind of accent wedding.Moreover, it is possible to beat, depending on the color of the bride dress or lipstick Bride and wedding decor and the general idea of ​​the wedding.Best Winter bouquet with their hands is not difficult to do, if we approach this issue creatively.

buketnye form

Before thinking about his flower idea, good idea to know what forms can be wedding bouquets.There are only four, and each of them is beautiful in its own way.

  • most popular is considered a classic round shape.Flowers in this bouquet arranged in a circle, forming a kind of balloon.Is it easy to do all winter bouquet with their hands?Yes!With the compilation of this form of wedding composition handle any newcomer, so if you have never made up bouquets, round shape for you - ideal.
  • more complex bouquets - a cascade.In this form, the flowers are made like a waterfall, and the length of the bouquet may vary at will the future nevesty.Sdelat winter cascading bouquet with their hands is somewhat more complicated than the classic round, and yet - it is possible.
  • Another form of wedding bouquet - elongated, or as it is called, Vintage.For such compositions used wedding flowers with long stems, which are linked beautiful ribbon or lace, and optionally decorated brooches, sequins or beads.Such retro bridal bouquet is usually in the hands - or rather, in the crook of the elbow.Thought out and put together a winter bouquet in vintage style "retro" with his own hands a breeze - such compositions are very simple to make and does not require special skills.

Flower diversity

So if you have decided on a form, it is necessary to decide from which colors will be the bridal bouquet.If 20 years ago I had to choose between the roses ... and roses, but now the floral shops are full of all sorts of colors variety of colors, among which you can easily choose the ones that are perfect for your wedding bouquet.

  • Rose - is undoubtedly the queen of flowers.In the flower shops can be found the rose of all sizes and colors, ranging from large white and ending with tiny cream.They are always relevant, always popular, the flowers - a kind of classic that never goes out of fashion.
  • More some beautiful flowers that are perfectly fit into any wedding bouquet With a variety of shades - a chrysanthemum.They tolerate cold, so ideal for a winter bouquet drawing.
  • looks very touching wedding bouquet of calla lilies, especially if those - white.Their delicate, intricately twisted petals look unusual and original.However, remember that these colors are not suitable for very cold winter, in the cold, they become brittle as glass, and can simply crumble.These flowers are suitable for warm winter, with temperatures up to - 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Flowers with the unusual name "ranunkulyusy" look as if it would be roses and peonies connected together.Lush flower buds can be almost any color, and, despite his fragile appearance, these flowers are incredibly resistant to cold.If you decide to make a winter wedding bouquet with their hands, then ranunkulyusy suitable for this could not be better!
  • Wedding bouquet of amaryllis - a great idea for those who love the lily, but they can not stand the smell.Amaryllis - a lily, which has absolutely no flavor.In addition to the indescribable beauty, these flowers are very long in a vase and be more pleasing to the eye a month after the wedding.

In addition to these colors, you can use orchids, peonies, daffodils, carnations, anemones, tulips - one word those flowers that you like.The main thing - to bouquets check the weather - severe cold can hopelessly spoil floral arrangement consisting of flowers with thin petals.If the winter is not too cold - feel free to use the entire range of flower shop and do not be afraid that the bouquet can turn black or crumble.

I want supplements!

Everyone knows that in the preparation of bouquets florists use various additives.And if you are going to do a winter bouquet with their hands is acquainted with this assortment of leaves, dried flowers and other decor components.This may be a baby's breath, rowan twigs, rose hips, monstera, ferns, arborvitae branches, sticks of cinnamon, eucalyptus and many others, in general - all that only on your imagination.

Piggy original ideas

you want to be the bride of the original?Then, even if it is very beautiful, but the standard arrangement of colors - not for you (especially if you'll be a winter bouquet with their hands).Of what do the wedding a masterpiece?Take a look around - and the idea certainly will!

  • hard to think of a winter wedding song than a bouquet of fir or pine cones.Agree - this is very unusual, symbolic and simply fabulous!Cones can gild or silvered, shower sequins, paint in different colors, pasted pearls.In short, the options - plenty!
  • If your wedding falls on New Year's holidays, you can beat it in a wedding bouquet, making it out of the pine and fir-tree decorations reticula.Agree, bright, colorful balloons look extremely festive and smart!

  • If you are with her future husband - a sweet tooth, the material for the wedding arrangement can serve as a ... cookies, cakes and candies!Favorite candy collected in winter bouquet with their hands - a useful and beautiful artifact, which can be not only to contemplate and touch, but also to eat!
  • cold winter like heat and the early onset of summer days.Finding himself in the warm time of the year to help a bunch of sea shells, which will serve as a pleasant reminder of the marine recreation, warm sand and seagulls soaring in the sky.Agree - this is the original, unconventional idea, which will surprise of absolutely all guests.
  • Bouquet composed of cotton, resembles a snow lumps, put together.It perfectly fits into any winter wedding.Cotton is eternal, so this bouquet will delight you for life.

important stuff

In drawing up the bouquet, no matter how original it is, we recommend to follow some tips.

  • If the bouquet is bright - it is worth thinking about saturated makeup.Otherwise wedding song will become a bright spot that will distract the attention of all.
  • White flowers are able to visually transform the dress color "champagne" in a dirty gray.If you - not perfect white dress, choose a cream or pale pink flowers.
  • Do not collect very large bouquet - uncomfortable to walk with him.
  • Ideally, the bride's bouquet should be combined with the groom's boutonniere.If all is chosen correctly - couple looks just one.
  • stems of flowers, regardless of the shape of the bouquet, it is advisable to wrap a ribbon or any other decoration.If you do not - the bride dress and gloves are stained with the juice of flowers.
  • not choose for a wedding bouquet of flowers with a strong odor - from inhaling their fragrance can head ache.