The main parent question: what term you can find out the sex of the child?

Many women who discover that they are in a position to want to immediately know who they will be born.Some of them enjoyed any sex of the child, while others only want a boy or a girl, and look forward to when we determine the sex of the fetus.

On what term you can find out the sex of the child?This is the main question that plagues nearly every couple, waiting for the baby.Almost one hundred percent probability it will be a period of about six months pregnant.Agree, a sufficiently long period of time that can be devoted to the care of the future baby and themselves, as important, not gender, and health of the unborn child.

Many experts argue that the alleged decision can be taken already at 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in 40% of cases it is confirmed.Therefore, if you are tormented by the question of to what term you can find out the sex of the child, ask more expert UZI office, which conducts routine examination.By the way, there is a perception that the credibility of the result affects the qualit

y of the equipment and its equipment.That is, if the survey is conducted with the use of high-tech machine with a super-sensitive sensor, the resulting conclusion can be considered more accurate.

than medical methods, there are others that will help you find out the sex of the child.For a week, you can define it using traditional methods?It all depends on the situation.For example, if the future mother from the first days of pregnancy pulls on sweet, most likely she is waiting for her daughter, but if you want to eat salty fish, it is customary to say that she is expecting a son.Another popular form of diagnostic techniques involve the abdomen, arguing that its rounded appearance promises girl, and an acute-angled - boy.Of course, these data do not contain any guarantees, and the probability of their accuracy is negligible, though amused many people.

On what term you can find out the sex of the child, using the method of chorionic biopsy?This method is able to give a response already in 7-10 weeks gestation.However, be aware that this method is not safe for the health of the unborn child and threatened miscarriage.Hardly sensible mother would expose yourself and your baby at risk for a similar curiosity, do not you ?!Most often, chorionic villus sampling do in the presence of one of the parents of severe hereditary diseases.Early diagnosis can prevent the development of congenital malformations in the fetus or to have an abortion for medical reasons.

Of all these methods is the most appropriate routine ultrasound study, which in the normal course of pregnancy increases the likelihood of imprisonment.In some cases, it is impossible to know the sex of the child, in what you term it may do.The fact that the little rascals can begin to show themselves in the mother's stomach, and then covering his face with his hands and turning his back to her parents.

Why do so many parents worried about the question of on what term you can find out the sex of the child?For some it's simple curiosity, some already beginning to collect the dowry and buy odezhku child, and for some it is of fundamental importance, especially when it comes to inheritance.Although, of course, all this does not matter, because first of all the fruit - a future child, whose parents are in any case going to love.