As the fight begins before birth?

soon your pregnancy is over the birth of a baby, a new man, you've been waiting for.But before that a woman's body must pass a number of different important processes, after which it will be able to give birth.Any woman begin contractions that indicate that the child is ready to see the world and will soon begin to move through the birth canal.Many of the fair sex, especially those who have to give birth for the first time, are afraid and do not know how to begin contractions before the birth.So what is it, and what is actually experiencing feelings of women before delivery?

What are the contractions?It is painful uterine contractions that help the baby to be born.It begins with their labors.They were accompanied by pain in the abdomen, while she can give in the waist.If you went into labor - be sure that as soon as your child sees mom!However, this does not always happen.And sometimes it may appear Braxton-Hicks contractions, or as they are called false labor.When they also present pain, but they are

the kind of training the body and will soon pass.Well, if you have time to give birth, the way the first fight begins, you will understand at once.In contrast to false they will not subside, but rather intensified, and the time between them will be gradually reduced.

question of how to begin contractions before birth, almost all pregnant women are interested in long before the baby's born.And many of these feelings are very scared.But this is a normal physiological phenomenon, it suggests that you will soon become a mother.Through it pass all women, so should not be afraid.Everyone has different pain threshold, so that for one seems unbearable pain, for another - is quite tolerable.

As the fight begins before birth

Initially, they last only a few seconds, severe pain is not there, and the woman is not always can even determine fight her or not.The period is usually between 10-12 minutes.Sometimes it happens that 7-8 minutes.With time they become stronger, and between them is reduced.At this point, the pain already palpable.Here's how to begin the first bout.Between them, the pain goes away, the woman at this time can break.During contractions the uterus is greatly reduced, and this is what causes the pain.It starts opening the cervix.When she revealed up to 12 cm, it is considered completely open, and a woman comes second delivery phase.Water breaks.The birth of a baby is not far off.

Do not be afraid, maternal instincts will help you realize that you are starting to give birth.You do not know how to begin contractions before delivery, fast or slow?They never once become much painful intensity increases with time.

For a week starting fights?Generally, every woman all alone.On average, they start at 38-40 weeks of pregnancy.Sometimes, before giving birth, and some perenashivayut pregnancy.But the average is 38 to 40 weeks, most women start to give birth.

Remember that the pain will go away, and your baby will delight you for life!