How is the battle, what feelings while women experience

Pregnancy - an important and crucial stage in a woman's life, because it is full of new experiences, fears, worries, and events.Especially volnitelen this process for those whose first pregnancy, because everything that happens to them unknown and new.Very often expectant mothers are worried about how to determine that start fights, what sensations you experience in this?There are several signs by which one can understand what is about to begin the process of childbirth.

How to understand that the battle begin?What feelings are waiting for a woman?

bear a child at the heart of the expectant mother to be as much as nine months, but as soon as she finds out about his delicate position in her head a lot of questions: "How is the process of childbirth? How does the fight? What feelings accompany them? What to doIf you start labors? "It sometimes happens that a woman is totally unprepared for childbirth.To avoid this, you need to prepare for this event and learn more about it.For example, symptoms s

uch as increased heart desires in a toilet, the omission of the stomach, uterine contractions, the variability of appetite and mood, as well as the output of mucus plug may indicate that soon begin labor.

Contractions - the main precursors of birth

distinctive feature is the onset of labor contractions during pregnancy, these feelings will not mix with nothing.With their onset usually occurs discharge of amniotic fluid.Contractions - a contraction of the muscles of the uterus, with the gradual disclosure of cervix, that promotes the child through the birth canal of the mother.There is a nagging pain in the abdomen, it looks like a painful menstruation.You can also feel the fetus puts pressure on the pubic bone, and at the same time you can feel tingling in the area.It should be noted that the sensations during labor each individual woman: someone in pain mainly in the lumbar region, someone she grows in the womb itself, and someone compares it with pains that accompany menstruation.

Contractions: what sensations are possible and what to do if they started

noticed that the more a pregnant woman fears the onset of labor, the more painful in her flow of the bout.Therefore, the expectant mother can recommend to start preparing for labor, pre-study the literature on the topic, learn how to breathe and relax.Moreover, today there are many specialized courses that prepare women to important process in their life - the birth of a baby, tell what a fight, what sensations at the same time experiencing a woman in labor.So, what do you do when the fight began, and how to facilitate this process?

  • As soon as the pain, heralding generic activities, it is better not to lie, and to actively move, it will help to open up the cervix more quickly and, therefore, reduced the duration of themselves and childbirth.
  • We must try to find a position of the body in which it will be easier just to carry the fight, the posture can be anything, even if you want to get on all fours, or cross their feet.This is quite normal, and in this situation there is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Between contractions, you should try to relax as much as possible.
  • It helps massage the spine in the sacral region, it has a good effect in the beginning of labor, and the entire duration of expulsive forces.
  • Do not forget about proper breathing, the medical staff, who will be there, tell you how to do it.
  • And finally, the most important thing you need to think about the kid who is about to be born.Calm down, think that all suffering will end soon, and you will meet with the baby, the appearance of which you have been waiting for.It is worth to wait.