Girlfriend - this is one soul living in two bodies

In moments of genuine sadness and joy when feeling overflowing, the woman is ready to pour out the soul only best friend.Sometimes her sisters, parents and loved ones, we can not say all that gnaws at the heart.After all, only real friend is an ally, assistant, counselor and psychologist in one person.Girlfriend - it is our "alter ego", the continuation of thoughts, feelings and ideas about the world.This is a continuation of our soul.

And yet it is!

Female friendship - the cause of many disputes.However, all attempts to debunk the existence of female friendship ended in failure.For centuries, each woman had a friend, companion and sovetchitsa who unselfishly helped, gave positive emotions and shared experiences.Psychologists found that a woman can not live without communicating with his girlfriend.This is due to the fact that men and women are different ways of perceiving and transmitting information.Thus, the information content of important men and women are needed emotion and sensuality.Only be

tween women created an unusually strong emotional union beneficial for both.

We talk hints, gestures, smiles and shining eyes, we embrace and kiss at the meeting.In this lies the success of each of us, and it depends on our mental health.We understand each other perfectly ... We - women friends!Men are not given to subtly feel the spiritual, invisible energy.That is why female friendship existed for many years.To say that it is not - is illogical and wrong.

True friendship or illusion?

Every woman has a lot of friends, but true - just one!We've been friends with her for many years, and sometimes communication is interrupted, but at a meeting behave as if parted only yesterday.

present any relationship, or is it an illusion of sincere friendship?On the question easy to answer, a little reflection on your relationship.

So, best friend - this is ...

  1. is easy to communicate, there are always a topic of conversation, it is not necessary to think about the questions and answers.Communication occurs by itself, naturally, simply.
  2. Which is a soul mate.
  3. That at any moment ready to listen, empathize, to help with advice and action.
  4. which is interesting to spend time.
  5. that never betrays not hurt.

can endlessly be called as a true friend, but true friendship is easy to distinguish.After all, if people do not understand each other and communicate only a burden rather than a joy, and you can have no doubt that a true friendship is not talking.

Features relations

Women's Union - Temple, a beautiful, multi-faceted, full of faith, but always fragile.Every friendship is special, there is no equal treatment in every pair has its own statutes, laws, unspoken rules.Some friends met almost every day, and some go once a week for shopping or to any event.From this communication should not be worse, could damage the friendship of other aspects.For example, it is important to observe good manners, in no case do not raise your voice and shout.

means necessary to learn to listen and hear, without interrupting companion.Girlfriend - this is the woman who does not impose its own problems and does not put them above all else.You can not be selfish in the women's friendship, we must be able not only to accept but also to give.And most importantly, it is unacceptable - a betrayal, including an attempt to please a man of his girlfriend.It is because of infidelity break up even the most loyal friend.

They came together as fire and ice ...

There are situations where there is a friendship between two very different women.Well, it is quite possible and permissible.For example, a friend of interest, go along to the dance or cooking classes.One - elegant lady with a marvelous manner, and another - a simple girl "Kukuyev from the village."Can the true friendship between them?On the one hand - no doubt.Maybe they just found each other, the two halves of the same soul.On the other hand - such a union will not last long, because the outlook on life is much different.However, you can become really good friends, following the simple advice.

  1. Do not try to alter and adjust girlfriend for themselves.Take it for what it is.
  2. Do not criticize or ridicule furiously, each person has many positive qualities.
  3. should always be there in difficult times, be ready to listen, understand and give advice.


  • Contrary to many opinions, there is a female friendship, the union much stronger male relationships.
  • friend - this is when the fun chat, easy, laid-back, it is like your second "I".
  • important to learn to properly build relationships and take care of them.
  • Remember to make each other pleasant surprises and meet as often as possible.It has beneficial effects on emotional state and health.
  • unacceptable betrayal, a rare friend to forgive him.
  • girlfriends could be any woman, regardless of status, external data.

If you have the one and only, but the best friend - this is happiness!Take care of her!