Wirehaired Fox Terrier.

Wirehaired Fox Terrier - the dog is quite friendly, cheerful and bold.She loves to play with children and gets along well with different pets.This dog can be an excellent companion, and for hunters - a good helper.


very hard now to make the true story of an ancient breed of dog, to which the wire-haired fox terrier.But we can safely say that it has existed since time immemorial.The first information about similar dogs that lived in the territory of modern Britain, there were about 55 BC.

itself terrier breed is known about the XVII century.It was taken in the UK specifically for hunting badgers and foxes live in burrows.That is why this breed is a group of burrowing.But that is not all.Often used as hounds fox terriers - they raise the game from the bush.

Formation rocks

believed that these dogs have resulted from crossing the three types of terriers: Old English black and tan, smooth coat black-and-ten-terrier and a white English have disappeared.There is an assumption that in the proc

ess of formation for better intuition, giving greater spitefulness and original markings were admixed blood spaniels, bull terriers and beagles.After crossing hybrids with red and brown rocks, a light color dogs and that they are significantly different from the foxes.I must say that these crosses were carried out quite carefully, so he tererny type has not changed.

size and shape of dog to a greater extent led diameter foxhole.As a result of such a prolonged selection got a little terrier with a predominantly white in color, and black and red spots.By the mid-19th century, the breed terrier had a beautiful appearance.A little later, it has gained immense popularity in England.

first exhibition

There are two types of fox terriers: rough-haired and.Recent history is known.But as the wire-haired dogs, that their origin can only guess.Most likely, their ancestors were coarsewooled Welsh terriers, fox terrier crossed with Hairless.As a result of added white color, typical spots and head shape.

At the beginning of smooth-haired fox terrier and shown at exhibitions together.In those days they had not yet divided into different types.This has always been dominated by representatives haired breeds, as they were much more.

separate classes for these dogs have been established only in 1872, during the exhibition in Birmingham.It has since become exposed species apart.A separate standard for this breed, as a wire-haired terrier, was adopted in 1913.At the same time established and their association.I must say that the original standard revised many times, but it added a little clarification.


Fox Terrier - the dog has all the qualities that are needed to attack the enemy.She has strong teeth and jaw, she is fearless and strong.Animal well-built, has an elegant look.

dog weighs up to 8 kg, its height at the withers not exceeding 40 cm. Females are slightly smaller settings.The head is flat and slightly elongated.Muzzle tapering.Well developed mustaches and beard, they give the head a characteristic rectangular shape.The neck is quite muscular and thin.The eyes are deeply planted, they are small, dark and very lively.Ears are V-shaped and hang on.Color two- or three-color: prevailing white with red and black spots.


Wirehaired Fox Terrier - mobile and excitable animal.Dogs of this breed are always ready for the games and will be able to create a great company for people who lead active lifestyles.If they do not educate properly, they will prevail in the house and will be unmanageable.

The Fox just love to dig.They can do that not only in the streets but also in the apartment.This behavior pet owners not everyone likes.Breed fox terrier, reviews of which indicate that the owners should have a lot of patience, is not for everyone.Pet Tricks are quite bold, and not everyone is able to tolerate them constantly.These dogs excellent defensive reaction, so to punish them uneasy: they can viciously growl or even bite.

known that most dogs bark breed terrier.Reviews holders in this regard are: excessively loud noises irritate not only the owners themselves, but also their neighbors.

As mentioned above, these dogs were originally bred for hunting.Instinct forces them to pursue not just cats and other small animals.That is why they are often lost.To avoid this, you need to walk their pets on the street only on a leash.At Fox warlike character, so they often get into fights with other dogs, the size of the opponent does not interest them.

House animals are very friendly, they are well apply to all family members, as well as the love of the game with the kids - it's all about dogs, fox terrier breed.Reviews of their owners almost always positive.Yet to leave the dog alone with small children are not recommended, as these four-legged often bite than can greatly frighten the child.

Fox Terrier, a description of the nature of which would be incomplete without mentioning the special joie de vivre, help brighten largely not the best moments in the lives of their owners.


dog, do not participate in trade shows, major problems will not create and will not require a lot of time.Animals need daily exercise.If it has, Fox Terrier will get along well even in a small city apartment.If he does not get it, all the energy will be directed to the furniture and other items in the house.Also, lack of exercise can affect the behavior of the dog.Do not forget about the intellectual load.It may be the game, the performance of the teams, as well as participation in various competitions.

As you know, one of the best hunters of small game are the breed Wire Fox Terrier.Comments and observations of the owners of these animals suggests that lower the pet off the leash to be very careful.Fox just enjoy running, so they will pursue any small animal that fell to them.

General care

dog needs a diet, they can not overfeed.Movable animal consumes a lot of energy.In order to make up for it, you need to develop a balanced menu, which contains many different nutrients.

Pet, did not participate in shows and exhibitions, combed at least twice a week, and bathe only when necessary.To coat was healthy and had a nice view, use trimming (plucking) at least once a year.This procedure can be entrusted to a professional or spend it yourself.

As for the claws, they are cut with a special kogterezki not less than once every two weeks.Hair between the toes dog paws or cut out a, or pull out.In winter, this procedure is particularly important.It will prevent the buildup of large amount of snow on the feet and the formation of ice dams in the spaces between the toes.This should prodelyvat at least once a month.


tail of this breed should be thick, densely covered with hair and lifted up all the time.By relieving leave usually about two thirds of its length.This is necessary in order to be able to grab the dog by the tail while it is running.Too short circumcision is not suitable either for exhibitions or for hunting.


When you first look at the dog, you can determine whether the owner likes and properly caring for her.All of this is noticeable on the animal's appearance, and first of all - as his hair.

special attention to her needs haired fox terrier.Caring for a dog called fur trimming.This procedure is a small patch of hair plucking at different stages of growth of the animal.There is another concept - grooming.It is necessary to train a dog to the show.

thoroughly and professionally executed trimming makes the fox terrier is very beautiful and elegant.And it attracts admiring glances of many passers-by!If you set a goal to become the owner of not just a Wire Fox Terrier, and dogs winning some exhibitions, the trimming can not be neglected.

Just need to warn you that these animals do not cut with scissors.This procedure will make their hair soft and thin, and its color will fade.After a few haircuts luxurious and elegant dog can turn into a simple woolly cotton wad.

bright color hard coat is in addition to the aesthetic and practical value.First of all, wool dense and does not pass water, and hardly soiled.In addition, when a walk through the woods during hunting or bright dog clearly visible.A cropped individuals often suffer from skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema.

should be inspected more frequently eyes of your pet.With minor souring their wipe clean with a cotton pad that has been soaked in boiled water or tea leaves.If the eyes are red and slezotochat, you should immediately consult a veterinarian.

health problems

fox terriers tend to Perthes' disease and epilepsy.In addition, they are having frequent eye problems (cataracts, distichiasis) and hearing.Most often suffer from deafness individuals who prevails in color white.

If you decide to buy a dog of this breed, it is first necessary to consult with the breeder and ask him about all the possible problems with animal health which may arise in the future.


Training fox terrier, like any other puppy breed is usually limited to the specified commands, search and apportirovaniyu, ieapplying different items.The first classes are held either at home or in the fenced off area of ​​the yard from the street.Thus the presence of other people or animals is undesirable.For playing with the puppy best to use his favorite toy.This may be a doll, a ball or any other object that he carries around with pleasure and shakes.

In the first stage only take one of the toys, as well as stocking a favorite treat a puppy.When he performs this master of the team, it should encourage and give him a piece of food.Such exercises should be carried out continuously, it is possible, even several times a day.

Wirehaired Fox Terrier, which reviews mostly positive - a very clever dog.He almost always tries to please his master, but sometimes behaves independently and can not carry the team to give him.But, as experience shows, to train puppies these dogs is not difficult.It is only necessary to use the method of so-called positive reinforcement, which consists in the fact that for each executed command praise and reward the animal with a piece of your favorite treats.


Hunting fox terrier dog requires training from an early age.But before you start to introduce your puppy to any Norn beast in natural or artificial conditions, it is necessary to teach simple commands, such as "Good" or "No!".In six months the milk teeth are replaced by permanent full and in this period the formation of character.Therefore pritravki of burrowing animals is recommended to start at this age.To teach a puppy to hunt, it is necessary to strictly follow the numerous recommendations of specialists.If at least one of an adult Norns, the training of young and still inexperienced dog simplified and greatly accelerated.

As noted above, the Fox Terrier was bred as a hunting dog breed.Therefore, it is easy to penetrate into the holes, and can fight on equal terms with the foxes.Even the name of the breed, this fact becomes obvious.After «fox» in translation from English means "fox."His hunting instincts, these terriers have retained until now, but in modern life in general they are simply pets.