Dalmatians: a description of the breed, the nature, the history of the breed

I wonder what is the breed Dalmatians?Photo its representatives you liked and sunk into the soul?Then this article is for you.Now we'll talk about this breed.Dalmatians are very active, lively and intelligent dog.They have excellent working qualities, thanks to which these dogs are good companions and protectors.Want to learn more in detail what constituted dalmatians?Breed interested?Then read our article.

Dalmatians Breed Story

Now we talk about how there was this rock.So who are these Dalmatians?Breed description should start with the history of its occurrence.

Just can not say as there were Dalmatians.One gets the impression that they have always been.Although some researchers have found similarities with Dalmatians depicted on ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs of dogs.Of course, this does not give the right to speak unequivocally about the origins of the breed."Official" birthplace of these dogs consider Dalmatia.What is this place?This area is on the territory of present Montenegro and Croatia, wh

ich is located in the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula.Although the evidence for this hypothesis, the emergence of such a dog yet.

There is another theory of their origin.Some suggest that the Dalmatian came from Italy and originally were hounds.

Dogs with black spots also met on the Greek figures.People often associate their images with the current Dalmatians.In the later appearance of the figures changed spotted dogs.

For example, in the Middle Ages, according to information known to us, the dogs met a similar color, but closer to the type of mastiff.Their mission - to support, as well as protection of the carriages.

This duty demanded that the dogs, in addition to endurance, minimal vulnerability, which was the reason for the procedure cupping his ears.Of course, the views of those dogs was rather peculiar and does not coincide with today's way, but they have a common feature - the ability for a long time and in a great pace to move a broad sweeping trot.

You know what connects with current Dalmatians "coach" dogs?Companionship with horses.

As indeed was - is unknown, but historically so that a trendsetter on the breed became the UK.

Appearance of dogs

What are dalmatians?Description of the breed and the appearance of these dogs, we start with the head.

head Dalmatian dog is proportional to the body, the skin stretched tightly.Eyes rounded, medium size, not prominent.Look alert, alive.Eye color blue or brown.Ears of medium size, soft, thin, broad at the base, tapering to an end.Highly placed, the tip is rounded and lowered down.Length of skull and length of muzzle about the same.The nose is either brown or black.Scissor bite.Lips tight and dry.

Neck Dalmatians have long, nicely arched.Chest medium wide, deep.The back is strong and level.Loin slightly arched, well muscled, whiling away.The tail is thick at the base of Dalmatians, and by the end it narrows.

Shoulders muscular, smooth.Bones strong, and legs straight.The pads on the paws are thick, curved fingers.The claws can be either white or black.

coat is smooth, short, dense, tight, shiny.Colour white with distinct patches (rounded) of dark brown or black.Marks should not be any other shade.The spots are evenly distributed throughout the body, the size may be different.The body, as a rule, they are larger than the tail, head and legs.A sign of the disqualification of Breed is a tricolor color.

Dalmatians - a dog with a strong, muscular body balanced.She is very smart and hardy.Height averages 52 cm. If the dog is above 61, it will be disqualified.

Description of representatives we have made.Now let's talk about what has tempered Dalmatians.

nature of the breed and behaviors

Dalmatians - a cheerful and mischievous dog that likes to play with both brothers, and children or adults.This dog wants to be the center of attention.Dalmatians are often staking a claim to the role of chief of the child.If he does not allow it and is ready to take another place, then, for which the owner will tell.

When a dog does not lead an active life, it is sad, offended at everyone, like a child who does not have enough care and attention from peers.His beautiful, soft on the nature of the character turns into harmful and rebellious.

Dog Breeds Dalmatians tranquil disposition.Its representatives are reserved to strangers citizens.These dogs every counter in touch not included.By the owner and family are very attached.For children this dog will be a real nurse.From strangers, he will take care of the kids.

centuries breed Dalmatians bred for hunting, in addition to this, she pronounced innate quality watchdogs.Barking dalmatians not very often, but if appears on the horizon something suspicious, they will know.

usually in an apartment a dog feels the owner, sometimes does not tolerate the presence of other dogs.On walks BOB very calm and friendly.He does not tolerate aggressive and barking dogs.

In Dalmatians, of course, very good character, but if the owner is in danger, the dog becomes fearless and bold.He, no doubt, will come into the fight with the enemy, and it does not matter, man or animal.Dimensions also do not matter, anyway dog ​​will defend by all means the owner.Of Dalmatians get a great friend who, if necessary, be able to stand up for the host.This dog loves long walks, loves to run, as well as searching the area.

need constant contact with people, especially with the owner and family.When the Dalmatian is a very beginning to get bored, perhaps even nervous.

If bad to educate a dog, for example, the same effect is to punish, the sponsor, then it will have the aggression.The dog may even become nervous and dangerous.Constant punishment for no reason there should not be too, otherwise he will break character, and it will become unfit for service as a guard, as did not respond to strangers.

Care Dalmatians: important aspects

Dogs of this breed is not particularly demanding in care.To get rid of dead hair and keep well-groomed appearance, the dog must be regularly combing.Molting Dalmatians have is not strong, but occurs throughout the year.

These dogs are clean, have no smell.
Need long walks and strenuous loads.

Feeding: advice to owners of four-legged friends spotted

need to feed in the same time.Serving size and number of meals depends on the age of the dog.If you're fed natural food, then let's mostly raw lean meat.Do not use salt, pepper and other seasonings.Sweets and Dalmatian smoked prohibited, as well as other purebred dogs.

Forbidden food

Also, do not give them:

  • sausages;
  • fatty meats;
  • raw river fish.

The diet of these dogs, in addition to meat, should include:

  • sea fish;
  • cottage cheese (low-fat);
  • vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers and others);
  • cereals (buckwheat, oats and rice).

also need to give the dog a special vitamin and mineral supplements.Keep in a bowl at the dog should be fresh water.

feed Dalmatians ready forages premium.When choosing food, be sure to consult with your veterinarian, as some products can cause an allergic reaction.

diseases of the breed

most common disease Dalmatians:

  • cataracts;
  • atopy;
  • bloating;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • demodekoz;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • pannus;
  • pododermatitis;
  • urolithiasis;
  • entropy;
  • polyneuropathy;
  • glaucoma;
  • distichiasis;
  • congenital deafness.

What do the owners?

Best of all the owners spotted dogs can tell that is a Dalmatian breed.Responses about it almost all positive.The only thing that owners notice is the fact that these magnificent dogs need big physical activities, without them, they become unmanageable.

also need the first 7 months of life puppy in your home as much as possible to engage them, the only way, say the owners, you will have the right to raise a dog.But they also added that he has a lot of positive qualities breed Dalmatians, representatives of photos which you can see in this article.These dogs are large mental capacity, stamina and good character.

Interesting note about the wondrous rock

What breed of dog similar to the Dalmatians?If we talk about external data, this Great Dane (photo above).The representatives of this breed has the same color spotted like a Dalmatian.But the size of it anymore.Height bitch Dane least - is 72 cm, and the Dalmatians - no more than 55 cm.

What still exists a breed, like a Dalmatian?Rhodesian Ridgeback.The difference is that the representatives of this breed there are no spots, and they are not color white with black spots and red.


conclusion Now you know who the Dalmatians.Description of the breed we will detail provided.In addition, we called dogs that look like playful spotted defender.We hope you clear what the nature of the representatives of the breed, and you realize how should eat Dalmatians.Characteristics of the breed - that is what needs to know the future owner of the dog.After all, the only way to understand what will grow from a small puppy.Good luck in the selection and education.