Ear drops for cats against ticks.

uncommon in veterinary clinics treated animal lovers concerned about the strange behavior of their pets.The cat turns his head, shakes it, shows anxiety, refuses food.After the examination, a specialist clinic diagnoses - otodektoz, in other words, the ear mite kitten (or an adult animal).

What is this disease and how it is dangerous for your pet?This will be discussed in the article.

stages of the disease

ear mites in cats - it's not just pests, injuring the delicate skin of the ear.They cause very serious disease that experts call otodektoz.In severe, advanced cases it leads to death of the animal.

beginning dangerous pests mechanically injure the skin, and then begin to irritate nerve endings.This reaction causes their metabolic products.

  • In those places where there is a tick, there is congestion.This means that blood vessels overflowed with blood, as a result there is swelling of the skin.
  • of the injured parts of the ear exudate released.So doctors call different selection.
  • When it dries and reacts with the waste products of dead parasites from the epidermis exudate turns into dark brown scabs.
  • crusting cover appeared in the ear wound and form a plug in the ear canal.
  • In the absence of proper treatment torn eardrum, skipping the inflammatory process to the middle and inner ear of a cat.The result is a maze.
  • final phase of the disease is the defeat of the meninges, which leads to the death of the animal.

At the first sign of the disease should immediately go to the clinic, where a specialist will conduct the necessary examination and prescribe ear drops for cats against ticks.Treatment should begin immediately, since the detection of the disease, to protect your pet from complications.

Characteristic symptoms

Diseased cat is experiencing unbearable itching in the ear, so she shakes her head, brushing the blood to the damaged portions mite.

With further development of the disease appear purulent weight - you'll see it on the glued coat the bottom of the ear.

If a symptom of "krivogolovosti", it says that the disease turned into a complicated phase.The animal can turn his head 120 degrees, tilt the sore ear down.

nervous attacks occur when the meninges are affected, resulting in the animal dies.

We want to immediately calm the little cat owners - is now the disease can be successfully treated.The main thing - do not miss the beginning.Today, ear drops for cats against ticks produced by many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.With some of them we will introduce.

drug "Surolan"

This is a very effective ear drops for cats and dogs.Due to the successful combination of active ingredients which have a different mechanism of action, the tool has a very broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity.The drug has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.

in its composition include miconazole, which is derived from a synthetic imidazole antifungal exposure and strong action aimed at Gram-positive bacteria.Polymyxin B - polypeptide antibiotic with a bactericidal action.Prednisolone, which is part of the means "Surolan", provides anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect.

According to the degree of influence on the body cat drug belongs to a hazardous substance.Subject to the assigned dose has no toxic effect.


When otodektoz usually given five drops of the drug per day.Duration of treatment is determined by a physician (usually 14 days).When infestation is necessary to treat an existing two ears even though it was detected in only one.

to the drug is evenly distributed, it is necessary to lightly massage the base of the ear.If your pet is given after the (not very pleasant) procedures shakes his head, try to fix it for a few minutes to ear drops for cats against ticks splashing

treatment is carried out twice a day.

If there is a skin disease in cats in the border area with the affected mite, cut out a coat, remove all impurities - wound exudate and pus, then the prepared surface using a pipette coated drug "Surolan."Try to distribute it so that the wound was covered with them well, and lightly rub it into the wound by hand, which is wearing a glove.This procedure requires 1-2 times per day.The duration of treatment is determined by a veterinarian, it depends on how fast the healing of tissue.To the cat is not licking ear drops for cats against ticks, she had to wear a muzzle or a special collar.

means "Amitrazin" cat

Another well-known and widely used in the treatment of drug otodektoza cats.


  • otodektoz ear itch or cats.
  • Acne cats


  1. Before the start of drug treatment, thoroughly clean the ears of the cat's scabs and crusts.
  2. Pipette drip agent in both ears as a function of the body weight of the animal (cats average size - 0.5 mL).

to the drug "Amitrazin" cat completely handled the whole skin surface and the ear canal, the ear should be folded in half lengthwise and gently massage its base.

If damaged other areas on the head cats, the drug should be rubbed into the affected area with a cotton swab.A week later, the processing is repeated.

Contraindications: intolerance Dimexidum pregnancy.

means "Amidel" (gel)

drug for cats, aimed at treating the ear mange.This gel, which after purification auricles administered to both ears.Its amount depends on the size of the animal (0.5 to 2 ml).Processed need to gently massage the ear.

sick animal treatment is carried out 2 times with an interval of 5 days.In severe cases, the appearance of otitis sequelae of viral infections, inflammatory and prescribe further antimicrobials.

drug "Amidel" -gel must be entered in both ears, even if hit otodektoz one.

Contraindications Not recommended for kittens up to 2 weeks of age and animal infectious diseases.

drug "Bars"

well known in the art and animal lovers medication.Means "Bars" - ear drops for cats active against sarkoptoidnyh mites, which are the causative agents otodektoza cats.Their constituent active ingredients possess acaricidal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, significantly accelerate the process of epithelialization.


ear thoroughly cleaned.The drug "Bars" instill 3 drops.Treatment is carried out twice with an interval of seven days.


After treatment, the animal should be thoroughly wash your hands.If you get drops on human skin should be washed off with water.

ear drops for cats - price

These drugs are cheap, with an average of 30 to 50 rubles.The only exception is the drug "Amidel" -gel, whose price - from 90 to 125 rubles.