What to give to a friend?

During the year we often celebrate different holidays, while presenting their loved ones, favorite friends a variety of gifts.Shakes to what could be simpler - choose and give the gift.But in fact, everything is not so simple.Once a suitable another "landmark" date, so we did not let one single idea of ​​what to give to a friend.The choice is huge, and getting on something concrete is not always easy.Sometimes, in order not to suffer too many questions on the subject: what to give a friend, we resort to the most simple way - to ask him about what he would like to receive as a gift or decide what to what to wrestle, I'll go and give money,he buys what he feels like it.

If your friend is really close to you, then get off the banal excuse that I do not know what to give, so the money for rent, it is not necessary.Communicating with a person close enough hard not to know what tastes your friend, what priorities and interests in life.Therefore, before answering the question of what to give to a friend, it

is worth considering what he likes and what can it really useful?The gift is intended to bring joy, pleasure, so it must be not only necessary and useful, from your point of view, but also to welcome your friend.

Only then should move to project an exemplary gift to your financial possibilities.Alternatively, you can give an inflatable chair, soccer ball or a gift certificate, if they coincide with the interests of the person to whom intended.Of course, having the desire to play a joke on a friend, you can hand simultaneously with the appropriate greeting inflatable chair, soccer ball presented with a load of meaning: either if your friend - an avid football player or as an incentive to engage in an active sport.All purely individual and depends on how trusting relationship with you and the birthday.It is important that meaning, implicit in prepodnosimye gift was used correctly interpreted and delivered to embarrass you or to whom a gift is intended.

To be more targeted, at the present, in addition to the above, influenced by the age of the birthday, his social status, financial opportunities.If your friend, just like you, still a child, everything is simple - a child, as a rule, gifts for friends funded by parents, so you have to assume that it is possible to buy, but, do not buy a trinket thatIt will be abandoned and forgotten perepodarena or someone else.There are lots of things that can become a worthy and interesting gifts ranging from books, if your friend likes to read, and ending with the games for the PC.

gift for a teenager must be demanded.At this age, usually already formed a certain attitude to much and you will not be difficult to present exactly what is interesting for a particular young man directly today.It is not necessary to proceed when choosing a gift of memories that liked your friend about five years ago.Remember that the years go by, looks at things are changing, and with them and priorities.Therefore, it should start from the real situation and the actual currently of interest.

young man who quite firmly on its feet and is almost all that is possible, as a rule, do not give expensive gifts, as to surprise him with the sum of the present is almost impossible, but put your budget is quite possible serious damage.Your friend does not require you victims, so it is possible to present some kind of small but memorable souvenir.As a gift can be a pen, even that will be with him and remind you and your gift for quite some time.

Therefore Decide what to give a friend, is the basis of their capabilities and needs and interests of the recipient to whom the gift is intended.