Souvenirs from Spain: Toy and luxury, elegant and sharpened, tasty and unique

Everyone, take a trip abroad - whether to a ski resort or an exotic island, historical research or cultural landmarks from different countries, or in a trip with the purpose of shopping, be sure to leave at the end reflects on the choice of souvenirs.It's all little things, reminiscent of visiting a foreign country, holiday fun in it, and incredible impressions experienced during the journey, which can be put in a prominent place at home or to give to family and friends.

visit the beautiful country of Spain, with its extraordinary culture, way of life and the whole atmosphere, you can not leave it without taking a souvenir a souvenir, such as real castanets or a delicious Spanish sherry.These things - that you can be sure - will not serve as a conventional dust collector, and will remain the most vivid memories of the time spent abroad, carefree and exciting.

So what souvenirs from Spain will be the most unusual and interesting, the most memorable pieces of memory?As mentioned above, those may be t

he national percussion instrument - castanets by two concave shells, plates linked together cord.The best (and most expensive) of the castanets are made of hard wood is much cheaper - fiberglass.Buy a musical prodigy can be in any souvenir shop and learn fun tapping rhythm - in the streets.Naturally, it is impossible to visit Spain - the home of bullfighting, and unsuited to bring souvenirs Toro (bull) made of different materials.Glass and wood, metal and even plush - without its mascot bull no one will.

Souvenirs from Spain can be playful and toy as described above, or may completely different - graceful as great fans (of all sizes, lace, paper, wood or plastic) or expensive and solid, like real guns, produced inthe city of Toledo.Gorgeous steel, once glorified this city, today in the deft hands of craftsmen transformed into replicas of famous swords and swords, eagerly bought up by tourists from around the globe.Sword of Toledo - not a trinket, and the particle of the great history of Spain, which is part of her character, so a souvenir given to anyone, will certainly be appreciated.

Commemorative souvenirs can be very tasty - a fabulously delicious jamon - Uncooked jerked pork ham, which is the Spanish national delicacy.This dish can be sold in two forms: the more expensive jamón serrano (mountain ham) and available to any guest country jamon Iberico (black leg).Also, you can bring from a trip to Spain, sherry, one of the most famous brands of the Spanish wines, which are produced in the vicinity of the city of Jerez de la Frontera,.Buyers can choose dry sherry "Fino", wherein a bitter-fresh almond flavor and attractive pale straw color, a dry wine variety called "Amontillado" with hazelnut flavor, rich color of amber or soft grade "Manzanillo", strong and extremely fragrant.

For the beautiful half of humanity are jewelry souvenirs from Spain - Great decoration exquisite handmade inlaid with gold and silver and made of artificial pearls, grown on the island of Mallorca.Do not remain indifferent and women to quality Spanish ceramics, manufactured in some areas, including in Toledo, Valencia and Catalonia and Andalusia, where it is still preserved ancient traditions of medieval pottery.

If you want to impress your friends, bring unusual souvenirs from Spain - a real Spanish guitar, colorful woven carpets with manual design or Valencian porcelain, always original and quality.For football fans a great gift would be various symbols of local clubs ("Barcelona" and "Real Madrid"), purchased from the numerous museums dedicated to these teams.