Souvenirs from Turkey: the main thing - originality

For tourists there is a more attractive country than Turkey, offers guests the most comfortable conditions for recreation, a large number of different adventures, quite reasonable prices, and of course, a wide range of souvenirs and gifts that you can bring a souvenir oras a present to friends and relatives.

choosing what souvenirs from Turkey to bring to Russia, our compatriots, first of all, pay attention to the amazing carpets and cotton products, souvenirs, copper and leather.Turkey is known for its craftsmen, creating gold jewelry, embroider colorful patterns on saris and shawls.Interesting pottery and ceramics.On the fabulous bazaars you can find anything that makes the search for souvenirs in the activity so fascinating that can compete with a beach holiday.

However, all of the above is a fairly standard set of gifts - to really surprise those who are souvenirs from Turkey, will have to work hard to find something most-most.As an example, carpets - famous Turkish carpets, that Russians buy u

sually in multiple copies.Seasoned travelers recommend as long as possible to stroll through the market, look at the presented range of carpets and do not lose your head from the beauty of patterns, multicolored yarn and a variety of subjects, and then in some obscure shop you can find the product of extraordinary beauty, with the original story on the topic of local mythsand legends.That such a thing can really decorate your house and proudly show it to friends.

Anyone who falls for the first time in Turkey, is literally stunned by the abundance of amulets against the evil eye, hung in the streets, made in the form of a pattern in any product or exhibited in the windows of shops and stores.This amulet is a round or oval blue eyes, sometimes very large (according to locals, the more the amulet, the more benefits it brings), up to the size of the tray.These souvenirs from Turkey, of course, look frightening, but will be incredibly spectacular gifts.

Sweets - another great Turkish souvenir, a short-lived but pleasant and tasty.In this country, various "goodies" can be purchased at every turn: it is chocolate and pistachio baklava, jam from rose petals, luscious dried fruits, nuts, and present a fabulous delicacy produced from lemon, orange, strawberry or other fruit juice, sprinkle with coconut - EastTurkish delight sweets.Conveniently, the market offer customers special vacuum packaging, in which all the delicious things survive the trip to the Russian cold.

And such a great souvenir, as a tea and tea set for not only remind you of a stunning holiday in Turkey with all the fun and enjoyment, but will warm in the winter evening, restoring strength and composure.Tea blends are sold here are so diverse that appreciate their flavor and opted for one particular very difficult - have to take black and green tea, tasty berry and fruit, as well as many other varieties.Also, do not forget that quality tea ceremony should be performed from the corresponding dishes from traditional Turkish cups small tulip-shaped.These souvenirs from Turkey will not leave anyone indifferent, and their originality is not only accentuate the taste of their owners, but also to demonstrate the diligence shown by the tourists in the difficult task of selecting gifts for their loved ones back home.