The best gift a girl

year has passed, and again the holiday: from the second half of your birthday.Again, shopping trips in search of something unknown?Some guys are lucky, they just say they need to give, but it is not your case ... She decided to make her boyfriend to think and remember or organize something unusual, in other words, a gift to be a surprise.Only for you this surprise will be very expensive, and it's not just about money, but also spent time looking for him.Will review the direction in which the costs to move.

First of all, remember that the gift girl must belong to one of the following categories:
- practically useful,
- cosmetics or perfumes,
- clothing and footwear,
- something beautiful and very expensive
- a bauble that is not, but it is veryI would like to have.
Of course, this is only a summary and not the entire list of categories.For example, completely forgotten category of modern gadgets and vain.And here's why.

Many guys believe that a gift should be more than a girl beautiful than use

ful.In this regard, the most banal decision regarding the purchase of modern equipment, much needed girl most standard solution - purchasing the phone.However, today many women are very active lifestyle.And if your girl is classified as a business woman, the electronic business card holder - just what she needed.This simple tool will facilitate the life of your companion, for now, will not have to turn over all the contents of her purse to find a pencil (pen) and a notebook to record the address of the company, phone number and other required for a client or business partner information.Suppose first that she did not appreciate the benefit of a gift, but later you will see how much were right, because the electronic card holder firmly consolidated its position as one among the most necessary things in her purse.What

like a girl?Romance and diamonds!Nothing pleases a girl or woman as a piece of jewelry.It is necessary to consider the form of the precious metal, which she prefers (gold or silver), only then assess their real possibilities of acquiring such a present.Remember that girl gift can a life and made of semiprecious stones: jade pendant, earrings of jade and amber at the rim of the precious metal - be sure to go to a jewelry store or to the fair, which presents handmade products.It is one important piece of advice - do not forget to see the stone corresponding to its birthstone.After all, the girl would be particularly glad that you know so much about her.

Among the many necessary things can be an umbrella for jewelry box, photo frame (preferably electronic) and so on.Photo frame - a very interesting gift, from it we can make a nice gift, if you insert a picture, where you tenderly embrace each other, and you can make her the frame clock by inserting into the middle of the photo clockwork and arrows denoting the dial on the contour of the frame.Agree, such a gift the girl remembered for a long time, as will always be in front of the eyes, although it is not necessary to believe that from this it will cease to be late for goodbye ...

in the beginning it was a purse.Regardless of the size of the purse is everything you need.Sometimes the number of "basic necessities" affects men to madness.But if you look closely, you can detect the absence of something really important, for example, women have a mirror is not every girl, and yet it is indispensable.Tint the lips, "nose powder" in the end to pull out the mote caught in the eye without him hard.Seriously think about the acquisition of such a gift.Do not assume that a woman's mirror exactly cheap and therefore give it a shame.Stroll through hypermarkets and check how much you are wrong!In fact, the mirror can decorate handbags!Carved patterns, pebbles, various images on the lid of a double mirror, located in a velvet case, placed in a beautiful box - it is impossible not to appreciate!

Most importantly, no matter how many guests will be at a birthday party Make your toast was the most memorable and touched to tears Woman ... Let her jealous girlfriend!Believe me, it is appreciated!