Accessories with their hands: beads made of fabric

summer - the same time, when the colors and emotions is never too much, and really want to, not only the internal state is completely in line with this trend, but that news of appearance was in summer bright and cheerful.Unfortunately, many of us are forced to at least a large part of this wonderful time of year to spend at work and freedom of choice toilets can not speak, but no one will disturb us to convey the mood with accessories: because even if it does not put on a bright and bold thingsfor work, they are easy to fit into any handbag and will replace the strict office at any time.

As you know, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other such pleasant things does not happen much, especially in the summer - the problem may be only their high cost, so for many different output could be a decision to make accessories with their own hands.For a start it is not necessary to come up with something different, original - it is possible to do peeped somewhere ideas.

For example, a great idea for n

eedlework - a necklace made of cloth.Make these accessories with their hands easily, the material for their production there in every house, and room for creativity phenomenally wide - here you can safely experiment with shape, color and size as the beads and the future product.Beads for them can be done in several ways:

  • Take necessary width strip of cloth, sew it on the wrong side and cut into small pieces;each of them with one hand to sweep around the perimeter of the hole and tighten the thread turn, to stuff filler and sew on the other hand, the tucking section inwardly.Thus it is possible to obtain smooth beads oval, round or cylindrical.This way you can obtyanut existing wooden or plastic beads.If the quilt soft beads, they are obtained with an embossed surface.Also, they can be decorated with embroidery, beads or sequins.
  • Take cut fabric circles is about the radius of the diameter of the beads are needed.A piece of cloth to collect on the needle is not fully contracted, fill filling, fill the inside edge of the fabric and tighten completely.The surface of these beads will be uneven anyway, so it makes sense to give them quilt bizarre topography.Beads obtained round.They can be decorated in the same way as in the first case.
  • You can also use non beads and flowers, for example, made of the same cut from the fabric circles: circle the perimeter baste, the thread is tightened not to end edges of the fabric are hidden inside the thread is tightened, and the needle is displayed on the other side ofcenter.Middle, you can decorate your own convenience beads, sequins, embroidery or sequins in order to hide the stitches.

also a good idea to start making accessories with their own hands - knitted beads.They are crochet from multicolored yarn around and stuffed with cotton or thread, as well as embroidered beads.It crocheted beads are often made for babies - they are bright, safe and environmentally friendly, but in this case it is necessary to pay maximum attention to reliable fastening them together.

basis for beads can serve as a tape or braid of them, decorative cords or fishing line or string of such beads can be alternated with conventional, plastic, metal, wood or stone, with buttons or thrown.If the basis of a fishing line or thread stitched through the beads, as if put on the needle, and if the tape or tapes - that are sewn.In any case, these accessories make their own hands - means to receive exclusive thing of great beauty, with a minimum spending of money and effort.