Ring with diamonds and blue sapphire - a symbol of universal love

custom jewelry to adorn themselves has its roots in ancient times, it is possible that it is connected with the desire of man to make his image more vivid and personal.Beautiful queen of the ancient world incomparable Cleopatra and charming Semiramis, famous at all times as the greatest seducer of the world, knew exactly great secret jewelry and even at night did not leave with luxury pearls.Toilets great monarchs of all time shone aquamarines, pearls, all this is not only because the whole image looks more elegant and original.Royal jewels with their graceful forms and shimmering brilliance attract the eye enthralled fans and endows its possessor unearthly charm.

In today's world it is believed that a diamond ring should be in every woman, moreover, it must necessarily be exclusive and to be made individually for a single.This is not only aesthetic but also a practical aspect, as such decoration is an excellent investment.It is no secret that the cost of diamond jewelry over the years, only grows, mo

reover, it is not subject to deterioration time, and risk of loss may cover the solid insurance.Some models of jewelry are so unique and original that from them it is simply impossible to look away, and this is not surprising, because the luxury and beauty of jewelry created for this purpose and to bring joy not only to the owners but also to those who behold them.

few decades ago, the love story of one of the members of the royal family shocked the world.Young King Edward VIII passionately in love with the beautiful American Wallis Simpson, and her loaded with presents all kinds of exclusive jewelry worthy of royals.For the love of the monarch he abdicated and gave his heart to a single woman who is worthy of much more than a diamond ring and a pearl necklace.At the end of the last century, for sale on the Duchess of Windsor jewelry collection brought to the organizers no more and no less than 45 million dollars, although, of course, it is a much more valuable - the history of universal love.

Of course, not every woman can afford an affair with the royals, for the reason that the kings in the world today is not so much, and even more willing to sacrifice for the sake of the throne of the one and only love.However, a diamond ring and a blue sapphire and today represents the unearthly love, pure and chaste, not waste your time on class and social status.Hardly any woman refused to have at such an accessory, but what to do if such a jewel not afford the young Romeo?The answer to this question has long found enterprising Chinese who successfully began to let out cheaper copies of the exclusive royal jewelry and this production immediately found a mass market.

to appreciate the true value of the jewelry, the woman should be sure to try it for a while and there like.If the jewel it is suitable, the girl will feel like a queen in it.Have a diamond ring and gold necklace worthy of a royal person, of course, every woman should be, and is not so important whether it will be a true masterpiece of art or just a quality forgery.Most importantly, decorations should emphasize and reveal the true identity of women, it should be in harmony with her state of mind and complement its natural beauty.