The purity of a diamond opredelyayaet glamor and sophistication in all decoration

Worldwide, it is believed that the founders of the diamond cut is the Indian master.They even in ancient times noticed the unique qualities of these unusually beautiful and elegant stones.However, the ancient ways cut, of course, do not go to any comparison with modern methods, allowing reveal to the world the qualities of elegance, beauty and purity of a diamond.Ancient Wizard treated diamond, he faces a natural, so exquisite shine light in the stone remained inaccessible to the naked eye.Only by the middle of the last century, Marcel Tolkowsky, the founder of modern cut, using mathematical formulas to create the perfect shape of the stone, which creates optimal conditions for the play of light and brilliance in stone.

When choosing a diamond knowledgeable people use a rule of four "C» carat (measure carats), clarity (purity), the Color (color) and cut (cut), including of course the main indicator is the weight (the larger the diamond, the more expensive it).Speaking about the color of the diamond, s

ince the specialists have its complete absence - perfect stone is colorless and when placed in water to become invisible.From here it went the phrase "a diamond of pure water."The purity of a diamond is determined by the absence of cracks, chips and other internal defects, accepted classification of the highest quality diamonds relates to the first class, and stones with small defects 3-4 class.Cut gems refers to the decorative elements and the classic round shape is out of the competition.

type of cut is usually selected from the initial diamond shapes, each in its own way it reflects the sophistication, glamor and purity of a diamond.We fancy shapes share the raw material remaining after processing a stone much more, so they are much cheaper.Most jewelers believe that the best cut is made using a special formula that allows the diamond to give the maximum brilliance and purity of a diamond.The formula is calculated on the basis of the proportions of the raw material is taken into account not only the ratio of the depth and diameter of the area with the diameter of the diamond.An ideal cut diamond allows to give maximum color saturation and brightness at the expense of the minimum diamond site gets the maximum capacity for light scattering.

When buying diamond jewelry should pay attention to the number of faces, it must necessarily be indicated in the description of jewelry.Independently determine the authenticity of decoration common man can not afford, so it is best to seek the opinion of experts.If the diamond is of normal size, the guarantee of its authenticity could serve as a jewelry salon or the reputation of the store where it is sold.When buying exclusive jewelry is best to invite a good independent expert or order gemological examination.Today, the classical cut diamond is considered to be round shape with 57 faces, in addition, not a small popular fancy shaped cut ("oval", "princess", "Marquis", "pear", "heart").

Beaten phrase that diamonds are girl's best friend, is not so far from the truth, because it luster and shine of gemstones emphasize the true beauty and elegance of the young person.Diamond jewelry are perfect as an evening or a ball gown and a business suit beautiful seductress.They can be combined with any image, with any outfits and do not seem to be afraid of boring and predictable.The most important thing to remember here that the true value lies not in the splendor and value of the stone, and the sincerity of the human soul, which is given to us from above, and is valued no less than the purity of the diamond.