Bracelet on a leg: sexy, sacred and costume jewelery

very phrase "bracelet on his leg 'sounds fun.The fact that the word comes from the French word bracelet - which means "wrist".Here is the paradox: the decoration on the hand on the leg.However, without going into the etymology, this ornament is seen as a decoration in the form of rings, made of stone, leather, metal and other materials.Bracelet worn on the leg at the ankle, as well as, of course, the product is convenient to adorn the hands of both men and women!

very first garter products in the world did not perceived as a decoration: they had a practical value: they protected the people from evil spirits and diseases.The materials of construction used as minerals, bones, feathers, and teeth.It was only much later in the form of bracelets hoops gradually came to be considered an attribute for magical rituals, and a little later - a sign of wealth.

sign of wealth and power.

need only look at the ancient frescoes: they Pharaohs and kings all in bracelets.In ancient Egypt, there was even a cult

of this product.German soldiers used them as a measure of virtue and as an amulet - talisman of healing and ensure victory.

In Russia, they came much later.Of course, it was not a bracelet on his leg, and "hoops", "zarukavya", "bracers".Their original purpose - to use in rituals.Over time, the meaning of the sacred was erased, leaving only a decorative value: noble ladies wore bracelets made of silver or gold, from city dwellers - glass, a peasant woman wearing copper bracelets.

Thus, caste differences were expressed, including, and in jewelry: tiara, earrings, necklaces or bracelets expensive, commoners were not allowed to wear.They were symbols of power, sacredness and domination.During the archaeological excavations and bracelets found in the pyramids in Egypt, and the lands of the former Kievan Rus.

Modern life bracelet.

modern fashion bracelet on his leg came to us from the East, together with the fashion for wide trousers with a low waist, bare navel and earring with huge earrings.Incidentally, according to the Eastern tradition put bracelets worn on both feet.

Indian women centuries ago began to wear ornaments on their feet.When they dance beautifully rang, charming men.On the bracelets were attached additional bells or figures to heighten ringing.

In the twentieth century the bracelet on one leg became a symbol of emancipation, accessibility and freedom.By the way about which foot to wear a bracelet: It is usually worn on the right foot.In the 30's bracelet on his left leg meant a woman of easy virtue.Today, there are no bindings: as they say, a matter of taste.

bracelet on his leg today are made from gold, silver, wood, beads, yarn and other materials.Jewellery energetix, for example, won a well-deserved popularity among women, regardless of age.A relatively new decoration garter on the leg indicates that the woman is not busy and is ready for a new relationship, then, on the contrary, bracelets have become the equivalent of a wedding ring, and now women can just enjoy this wonderful decoration.

Ladies and young girls in Russia XXI century did not pursue any hidden goals, getting decorations energetix.The only problem is: to enhance the beauty and elegance of female legs.So feel free to indulge leg bracelets, remember this is:

-atribut power and wealth;

symbol of femininity and beauty;

s just a great accessory!

However, the last paragraph is enough: enjoy full views of men passing by - it's all on your krasoty.Bezuslovno, this stylish accessory, and even so in the original location will not leave them indifferent gaze.And may they turn their heads - as it should be, because the woman - a goddess!