Amethyst - stone that dwell in your heart forever.

Amethyst - stone, whose color can vary from light purple to dark purple, but there are also pale reddish, dark purple shades, as well as glass shine.It is named from the Greek "amethystos", which means "the one that does not get drunk."It is for this reason that the stone is credited with medicinal properties in the fight against addiction to alcohol.Amethyst - stone, which is a kind of quartz.In nature, it looks as prisms.Amethyst - a gem 4 class.He has applied to manufacturing of various jewelry (brooches, earrings, pendants, rings, and so on).In addition, it applies to all known types of diamond cut jewelry.

Amethyst - stone, which has gained popularity in the Middle Ages.He became one of the twelve stones in the breastplate of the high priest reduction.But Christians believe that it is a symbol of modesty and humility.Currently, it is often used by jewelers.And thanks to the relatively low price of amethyst great demand.Besides, we have learned to make artificial rocks.In this process the crystals

may be synthetic whichever group.The paradox lies in the fact that the artificial stone amethyst is the only, the price of which is equal to the price of natural.

Amethyst - stone has many healing properties.In ancient times it was believed that he is able to keep from drinking, especially if it is placed in a glass of wine.With this stone people treated with burns, get rid of wrinkles and freckles.He was considered a panacea for nervous disorders, protective amulet from poisoning, witchcraft and bad habits.

In order to obtain an excellent cure for all colds, it was necessary to put an amethyst overnight in a glass of water.This stone is widely used as a means for the treatment of various skin diseases, to strengthen memory.And only a ring with an amethyst under your pillow will help to cope with insomnia and bad dreams.

addition, curative effect depends on where in the wear an amethyst.For example, a ring with this stone on the ring finger strengthen the immune system, and earrings - improve vision.Women should wear an amethyst on his left hand, and men - on the right.But not only magical and healing properties attributed to amethyst.In ancient times it was believed that he is able to bewitch.That is, if a person gave it to another, he began to like the donor.Perhaps all this prejudice, but before you take a gift in a ring with this stone, thrice beware.

Ametist- stone, which should be worn only in a silver frame.But if it is combined with other stones, possibly golden frame.If you are worried, anxious or worried for any reason, to calm down, put a ring or necklace with amethyst.

horoscope tells us that each sign of the zodiac has a stone that will bring him luck and become a talisman.Amethyst is suitable for almost everyone except Leo and Taurus.But it's best to wear it to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.People born under these signs, amethyst will bring success, good luck, especially those engaged in intellectual work or creative work.He will give the owner of self-confidence, courage, warn against hasty actions and deeds.There

green amethyst called prazeolit.It is not often seen in nature, since it is extremely rare mineral.Although now it is produced artificially transparent amethyst, using heat treatment.

whatever color was not amethyst, a stone that will bring many benefits to you and your family to help cope with various ailments, and protect against misfortune.Moreover, decorating him look elegant and graceful.