Topaz - stone of mysterious and sometimes treacherous.

Topaz - stone of Class 2.It is a translucent mineral, and usually has a gold color.But there are also pink topaz, red, purple, yellow-green, blue and blue shades.His coloring these gems get through lattice defects.In the process of heating the topaz is able to change color and fade over time, but after a stay in the darkness he recovers.The researchers also found that subjecting different stone radiation can give him all sorts of shades of color.Topaz High hardness, in addition, it is unique to the transparency of glass and glitter.Feature stone topaz affects the abundance of surprises and useful properties.

Topaz - stone, which has a number of assumptions about its origin.According to some reports, he was named in honor of the island, where they found the first stones.But other scientists believe that "topaz" is derived from the Sanskrit word "tapas", that is, fire or heat.The biggest deposit, which currently supply Topaz different countries, it is Namibia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Nigeria, Mexico, Engla

nd, Scotland, Japan and others.

Topaz - stone, which is decorated with many world-famous rarities.In addition, it is widely used in jewelry: items such as brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces look great when decorated with topaz.The color of the stone, the transparency and quality of the many times misleading, even professionals who are well versed in precious stones.It is sometimes mistaken for a diamond.A huge number of items of historical value (crowns, medals, and so on), decorated with Topaz.

In addition, this gem has a large number of different simulations.These include smoky quartz, rock crystal, aquamarine, synthetic or natural corundum, citrine, and others.But to distinguish the real, natural topaz by such imitation is not as hard to do it on the basis of density, hardness and refractive index.

And what is the value of topaz stone according to the ancients?Previously, he was considered a symbol of fidelity and happiness.Topaz was decided to present a gift to those who are full of anger and passion.It soothes and reconciles these people.Our ancestors believed that Topaz gives them the joy of life, laughter, fun, carefree, it makes life more interesting and diverse.

Topaz - stone with a lot of magical properties.One of them - increase in intuition.It is believed that the owner of Topaz begins to anticipate the actions of people, their behavior, can feel their condition, and to influence it.Perhaps that is why the stone is associated with black magicians and sorcerers.Moreover, it was believed that yellow topaz most powerful in this regard.A person with them, feels superior to other people and, of course, can use it as a negative and in a positive manner.

Previously served topaz amulet sailors.He always took with him a trusted and that he necessarily protect against disaster, rescue from the storm and shows the way out of the fog.And other people believed topaz symbol of home and comfort.It used to be stored at home to ward off all sorts of misfortunes from his family.Properties topaz depended on the level of culture and historical development of a country.Some considered him a symbol of victory, the other - help others - happiness, and others - hope.

On the healing properties of topaz also has many legends.He is able to deal with insomnia, asthma, treat infertility, diseases of the eye, liver, gives beauty, attractiveness and freshness of its owner.It is a stone with a rich history that deserves to be worn, protect and love.