Emerald Stone: properties and values

Stones are the most solid bodies on the Planet.Often they are minerals, natural chemical compounds the Earth's crust, at least - rocks, its natural formations.

clusters of stones suitable for development are deposits.They are usually classified into magmatogene (which were formed during cooling of magma), sedimentary (which were formed by weathering or by the river), metamorphogenic (which formed the pressure stones).

However, each stone - not just a mineral or rock, each of them has its purpose for a person, as compared with the human energy field.One of the most beautiful stone is emerald.Emerald stone properties are different, but to start is to look "inside" of the stone.

Emerald is a transparent variety of beryl green, sometimes with a bluish tint, tone.Its beautiful color is due to admixture of chromium and vanadium.

Emerald stone property valued since ancient times.More ancient attributed to this beautiful jewel magical properties.The main objective of the emerald was considered the fight

against evil inclinations of man.People believed that the stone can dissipate the negative energy, to purify the human biofield.The ancient Greeks called emerald "stone shines," Indians Colombia - "green ice", and in Russia the emerald was the symbol of composure.Worn emerald discovers his gift of foresight.Everyone is familiar with the properties of an emerald stone as a strong antidote in combination with buffalo milk.

Emerald stone properties found application in modern medicine.Stone helps stabilize blood pressure, relieve headaches, joint pain, to treat diseases of the stomach and bladder.

astrology uses knowledge about the energy fields of stones and their chemical composition, the best way to pick up a stone as a talisman or amulet.This magical gems Prince protects from evil thoughts and inclinations.Creative personality gives inspiration, protects sailors.It is a stone of ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, and therefore believe that the emerald protects the home and helps mothers.Many magicians have used an emerald in their rituals.So, Indian magicians believed that the emerald helps to establish communication with the astral world, the souls of the dead.Indeed, thanks to the structure of the rings of silicon-oxygen radicals, it is able to concentrate in the energy field of the universe itself.However, to read these "messages" can only be a person endowed with psychic abilities.Great soothsayer Nostradamus, for example, wore on his little finger ring with an emerald.If emerald engrave the image of any bird - it will bring longevity if rearrange in a platinum ring, then its owner will dream prophetic dreams.

Emerald stone horoscope prescribe it to people who were born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra and Leo, and is contraindicated in those who are born under the sign of Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Along with diamond and ruby, emerald - the most expensive gem.Pale low-quality emeralds are relatively inexpensive, but flawless emerald faceted stone price is quite high, so these stones in five or six carats inaccessible to most people.

about the beauty of this beautiful gemstone can be judged by looking at the museum.One of the most unique examples in the UK.The color of the stone, "Devonshire Emerald", a striking, rich deep-green.Crystal stone has 1384 carats.

Emerald stone of great rulers and gods, bring peace, vitality and wisdom.