Gold or silver rings: what to prefer?

One of the most ancient jewelry are rings.Initially, they carried not so much decorative as a magical sense - ring used since ancient times as a talisman: this has the very form of rings as a symbol of infinity.Not all think about the fact that nowadays gold or silver rings in some cases, are just such a meaning: in fact, for example, wedding rings - this is the symbol of eternal happiness and well-being.It is also very common among believers decorations, often silver ring with the words "save and protect" is also in a sense, are a continuation of this ancient tradition.It does not matter from which the metal has been made that ring, which had a sample of silver or gold - is important only to the very form of rings, coated with a prayer, and that a person truly believes in his help and gets the invaluable support.

But even used for purely decorative purposes, for some reason the ring are most desirable jewelery - I do not whether it is connected with all of the same subconscious belief in their protec

tive properties, inherited from distant ancestors?Many women prefer the traditional gold, silver unfairly overlook, and because it is considered by many jewelers are more expressive material and has great decorative possibilities.Silver rings can look no less noble: they are combined with almost all stones, and relatively inexpensive price of this material allows a much wider freedom to use and allows you to produce current at the moment the massive decorations.Especially noteworthy is that silver can give the effect of aged, allowing you to create amazing beauty items in vintage style and vypolennnoe this technique silver ring with emerald will look like a family jewel that came from the past from some noble and mysterious beauty-great-prababushki.

So does it make sense to strive for the prestigious gold jewelry, silver rings if you can not look worse, and often even more interesting gold?This question everyone is responsible for himself: who, after all, really like and really is gold, but there are also those who choose it simply out of habit.Of course, gold and silver have different decorative properties and appearance depending upon the type and design decoration may look different.For example, gold can be a sparkling and cheerful, giving the image of lightness and joy, and can give the age and reliability.Silver is just different faces: it can be air and sparkling and mysterious and noble.

Who else is silver, and to whom - gold?Traditionally it is assumed that the gold - it's more the age metal, so it is chosen as gifts to adults and young people decided to give money.Most likely, this prejudice is linked to the fact that young people tend to be more frivolous and more prone to lose jewelry, and so many thought and still think that they are very expensive to make inappropriate gifts in the form of jewelry.Perhaps in some cases it makes sense, but people of any age are different, and there is a start of individuality.

Another prejudice is that gold gives status.This is not entirely true: those who follow this opinion, quite often become small gold ornaments, and in most cases, worn together, they create a completely opposite effect, and in some cases, luxury silver rings in an amount of one or two may look morenoble and dignified.